Men Matters: Skin Care

Plenty of men are getting into the habit of taking care of their skin and it’s easy to keep it simple. There’s nothing wrong about moisturizing or arranging facial treatments. Men and women have the same concerns although men are not widely open about it, Men shouldn’t be ashamed of preventive care especially when it comes to wrinkles, flaking, inflammation, warts and even those skin marks caused by pimples.

Are there products men can use? Absolutely.

Men’s skin care isn’t just about the shaving cream and the type of razor they use. ” I attend to Diamond peel and facial treatments” says Chef Edward Bugia of Pino restaurant. ” Due to the amount I spend time in the kitchen cooking, Pores open up quickly. There are men who takes good care of their skin, more than I do, they just don’t want to admit it. You do want to look good if you want to get that girl, right” he added as he laughed through explaining his views about the importance of maintenance and its correlation to hygiene.

Men’s glands produce more oil because of the hormones androgen and testosterone, and because men’s skin is relatively thicker, it requires much greater hydration to maintain the suppleness of the skin which means, men needs it more than how much women pamper themselves with all these cosmetics.

Where do the men start? there’s no need to get fancy. Drugstores has hypoallergenic moisturizers with glycerin which is easily absorbed by the skin without residue such as Cetaphil or you may also go ahead try something more organic and naturally cold processed such as Snoe beauty Inc.

Just like women, the basics are cleansing and moisturizing. Apply SPF 30 or higher directly to face, neck and ears each morning after shaving to prevent skin aging caused by the sun and wait it out for a few minutes to ensure effectiveness.For those who are highly active outdoor, applying SPF should be reapplied every two hours.

Another way to take good care of the suppleness of your skin and delay aging, sagging and unhealthy yellowish hue of your skin is by protecting the blood flow of your skin by quitting smoking or never get into it.

As for all the shaving, a staple to every man? too-close shave does more than just nick of the skin. Breakage overtime is plausible hence invest in a quality made razor and go with the hair, not against using gentle strokes. Don’t forget to put in cold cream or your preferred shaving cream.

Is taking good care of a man’s skin complicated? it has never been. So, go ahead and have that face clean. There’s nothing to be shamed of if you’re taking good care of yourself (and wanting to get that girl!)


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