12 days of Christmas Fitness: Win NIKE Gift Certificate!

Last week, I received a message from Amy Mac of everyday better about this fitness program she wanted me to go through online for 10-20 minutes in 30 days. Knowing me who’s all into variation and challenges, I signed up.  I don’t mind being one of her guinea pigs on this project, it actually spells out something to look forward to everyday.

I still have tons to shred anyway.

10-20 minutes in 30 days, there’s nothing to lose. Amy, known for her Fitness Attack podcast has ventured into fitness webcast and rolled out an exercise program called the 10 Pound Cut Down. Since I contribute for her site once in a while, I’m giving myself this challenge to actually get to wake up and work out first thing in the morning once again.

read: Fitness & Work , Are you craving?

What is the 10 Pound Cut Down? It’s a workout program that brings you personalized coaching from a personal trainer with all the convenience of a workout DVD. The workout videos are 10 minutes and you work out less than 1 hour per week. This means you have to work hard, but if you are up for it – then you will see results and in a fraction of the time of all your friends’ workouts! To top it all? it spells convenience. You can view it not just on your desktop or laptop; you may access it on your iPad, iPhone or Adroid touch screen devices.

Since the Christmas season is already up for all the holiday festivities which brings us to all the delectable goodies, this challenge would definitely do good for anyone to be mindful on what they’ll eat and not lose track on the entire year they’ve been working their ass to shred or tone.

You pick up your location and time, all you need is to check your mail and comply to the video prepared for you plus you get to message Amy and she’ll get back in-touch with you as soon as she can (well, given that we live in different time zones, I get to read her message either first thing in the morning or later at night.)

On my first day, We started on Jumping jacks per each set to get your heart rate up and completed the exercises below  in 10 minutes:


  • Jumping Jacks
  • Floor Bridge
  • Toe Reach
  • Pushup
  • Tricep Dips
  • Front Reach
  • Side Squat
  • Toe Raises

Did I turn up winded? Yes. We have our own Body weight to work on and use to lift ourselves to transform our body. From what seemed to be an everyday workout, there’s rest in between days which requires you to do more walking or other activities you desire to do.

The third day was composed of ab workout which totally ached focusing on Full Body Strength training.  I think this is the perfect time for me to use my heart rate monitor and see how much calories approximately one can burn in every workout.

12 days of Christmas Fitness Giveaway

Congratulations to Carol Ong for winning a generous gift certificate at Curves which entitles you to workout and to Nino De Jesus for winning FTW Magazine’s 20% discount all year round for some Reebok shopping spree!

You may head your way to FTW Magazine’s facebook page in order for you to join us. We’ll definitely work on having something for everyone!

Winners will be announced on Facebook and Twitter so make sure you “Like” or follow so you’ll know if you have won. Comments will be closed Wednesday night. Winner will be chosen using random.org For additional entries into the contest, leave a comment below. 

What are we going to give away this time? We’ll be giving away a gift certificate from Nike!

Giveaway Question: During what time of the day do you normally workout and how long does it take you to complete your fitness routine? Let us know how you benefited from working out on your preferred time. 


26 thoughts on “12 days of Christmas Fitness: Win NIKE Gift Certificate!

  1. Janus Paul Dela Cruz says:

    every morning, i start my day by doing jumping jacks then some push ups before i eat my breakfast then head to the bathroom. it took me around 15mins, tops. it warmed me up and build my tiny muscles (which is work in progress). then i walk 15mins from my house to MRT, the another 15mins from MRT to my workplace. these simple exercises enhance my cardio.

  2. Ace Mendoza says:

    I usually work out during afternoon (3 or 4-ish) because I think thats the proper time our body is wide awake and attentive (in my case). It benefited me a lot because its the most convenient time for me and at the same time my body is now used to working out at this time of the day.

  3. han says:

    I usually workout in the morning, around 8-9:30 pm, because that’s when I’m most awake. I get to jumpstart the day with workout, and makes me feel so energized and pumped up the whole day! It feels great to have done already something so productive at the start of a long day. 🙂

  4. Patricia Lee says:

    I usually work out after dinner around 8-9pm. It takes me around 30mins to complete my routines. Then I rest for a while before taking a shower. Since my body knows that it is tired from the work out, I quickly fall asleep soon after taking a shower.

  5. gchang says:

    Sometimes I need to go home late at night (from work), so it’s no longer a good time to exercise for me. So, I usually work out around 06:00 – 08:00 in the morning. This gets me prepped up for work, and makes sure I have exercised for the day.

  6. Mylene M. Calleja says:

    As a full time mom, my first few hours in the morning after preparing breakfast for my eldest and my youngest still sleeping, I snatched 30 minutes to have some stretching and sit ups which I found benefiting for me. It seems to be my body awakening for my daily routine ,the laundry , house cleaning, do the market then prepare to cook for lunch, and so on.

  7. jayson biadog says:

    Sunday mornings 5am warm up jump in jacks 100, sit ups 50, push up 20 before 5km run. It relaxes my mind and keeping me away from toxic stress. Ass well as good cardio-heart workout. I’m confident to be free from disease and enjoy healthy and clean living

  8. Ariane May Nalicat says:

    Every morning from 5am-7am i usually get up to take a run and walk. Walking early in the morning can “kick-start” my day into a more relaxed way of being as well as help me sleep better that night.

    It helps me a lot to do my task because by 8 am I have to go to school and teach my students and offers time to plan my day in a calm setting while oxygenating your body.
    It helps me a lot to do my job and focus not just physically but most of all mentally.

  9. Rhozallino says:

    I usually work out every weekends because this is the time im free and it is the rest day from work. My workout take me 1 to 2 hours to complete my fitness routine.

  10. Joed Biason says:

    I usually work out around 10 am in the morning. I do alternate runs and workouts on various days of the week. Right now I’m trying to build my base mileage in biking in the hopes of joining a duathlon next year.. 🙂 It usually takes me 45 mins to 1 hour to do my work out routines. Working out in the morning gives me the jolt and energy i need as i continue with my tasks and work for the day! It keeps me focused and energized!

  11. odie says:

    i normally start my workout in the morning at around 430 – doing a 15-minute movement preps. then run or walk for about 30-45 minutes. i end this routine with yoga. this revs up my metabolism and jump starts my energy level. it puts me in a very good mood to start the rest of my day.

  12. Luis Paguio says:

    I usually workout very early in the morning, around 3:00 – 5:00 am (4 x a week) when everybody is still dozing off. It usually kickstart my body and keep me on the mood for the the day’s work. It also helps keeping my excess poundage away.

  13. jhengpotheng Macatimpag says:

    I workout after office hours, around 6.15 to 7.30 p.m. Coz that’s the only free time I have and the most convenient time to go to the gym. It lightens my feeling before going to bed….its like baby bedtime pampering for me.

  14. jhengpot Macatimpag says:

    I workout after office hours, around 6.15 to 7.30 p.m. Coz that’s the only free time I have and the most convenient time to go to the gym. It lightens my feeling before going to bed….its like baby bedtime pampering for me.

  15. dbron says:

    I usually do a 30 minute run twice or thrice a week within our area during around 5pm-6pm when I get home from work. This way I get to sweat a lot and make me feel more relaxed at night. I only do it 2-3 times a week in order for me to be able to spend time going out with my fiance and friends as well as playing badminton occasionally.

  16. promking says:

    Sundays before going to church. A good drive on a traffic-free early morning will take the stress away. A little stretching with the running team SOUTHERN TREADERS before doing 1 lap warm up before a 2 hour LSD.

    I love running on Sundays to start my week right. Sunday is a day of preparation; preparing my body while running and preparing my soul during Mass would be enough for the whole week

  17. hellokittyblack says:

    i usually workout at 5 in the afternoon because i woke up late every morning. my usual work out is jumping jack it takes me 30 minutes to an hour depending on my mood it really gives a lot of benefit doing jumping jacks because it elevates my heart rate. makes me breathe more deeply while jumping, which delivers oxygen to your bloodstream and ultimately to your muscles. it burn fat at a rapid rate. while doing this it gives me so much fun while enjoying my free time. 🙂

  18. Alvin Leveriza  (@isangblacktupa) says:

    I work out with my partner for about two to three hours every other day, around 10AM-12NN. It’s the perfect time at our gym because only a handful of people are around and we can maximize the equipment. We normally spend 20-30 minutes on the treadmill or the crosstrainer and about 30 minutes to an hour on various machines for our workout routine: upper body, day 1 – midsection and limbs, day 2 – lower body day 3.

    We’ve tried a more stringent schedule but we found out that the gym has peak hours and days which can render a workout routine ineffective because of the long resting periods (yes, it can get THAT packed). Having a lot of people sweating together adds a little too much stress too.

    Working out during our preferred time gives us more opportunities to bond, have fun and get as little stress as possible. It makes going to the gym worthwhile. Oh did I mention that celebrity sighting is also high during these hours? LOL!

  19. Jaja Borja-Laure says:

    I normally workout every Saturday and Sunday mornings at around 6 am. My husband and I jog the whole village for almost an hour. Then we go to our favorite weekend market and try our best to eat a healthy and grease-free breakfast. And we drink lots of water. After eating, we rest for around 30 minutes and go home. We always take the stairs to our apartment (we live in the 4/F) so by that time, we just had a major workout! =) Methinks this normal workout routine works for us since I shed off the extra pounds which I gained last year. I do not follow a strict diet and I always give in to my cravings. So I’d say this workout really works! No stress, no pressure and totally carefree!

  20. SuperStu Saldajeno says:

    early in the morning, probably from 6 to 9, i play basketball, either alone or with friends. i usually play 2 scrimmages everyday, sometimes 3 if stamina would permit. afterward, i eat my usual breakfast and rush to school. i meet new friends and basketball helps me keep in shape and energetic for the whole day.

  21. jhunie16 says:

    I usually work out around 5 in the afternoon. Because its the only time I can due to work schedule (graveyard). I run for 45 mins to 1 Hour. It’s a nice “warm up” before going to work, I feel good not feeling sleepy while on work.

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