12 days of Christmas Fitness: Win a Chance to workout at Curves

Time flew fast and it’s nearly Christmas. Today mark’s the first day of December, the very first time FTW Magazine will be giving away few items blessed to us which we want to share and give as another way for us to thank you.

We’ll try our best to giveaway our personal favorites and swear by brands for everyone.

If you haven’t heard just yet, a few months back, I was chosen as Curves Ambassadress hence together with Curves, I will be giving away a generous gift certificate from Curves located at 2F Serendra Bonifacio Global City. To enter today’s giveaway, leave a comment at FTW Magazine’s facebook page or below by answering these questions:

1. What are you going to prepare for Noche Buena and why did you choose on having these scrumptious meals?

2. How will you burn the holiday bulge of festivities?

or you may also join us through a challenge for the week.

Challenge: Quench your thirst while you protect your heart! Tea, whether it’s cold or hot, delivers anti-oxidant compounds. Dip that favorite tea in your favorite cup, let it simmer and gulp up! Take a photo of your cup and tell us what you love about it! send us the link! 🙂

The winner will be chosen using random.org starting tom and will only be giving away during weekdays to give ourselves the weekend a break – hey, there will be tons of reunions coming up!


2 thoughts on “12 days of Christmas Fitness: Win a Chance to workout at Curves

  1. Tristan Allan C. Queliza says:

    1. I would probably forget that am on my proper diet during holidays, that is why i prepare a list for my noche buena a simple meal that will satisfied my cravings. i divided my food into 3 category to monitor my diet . vegetables, protein and carbohydrates, which include the following spicy roasted beef, sizzling tofu with garlic, and any buttered vegetables. The reason why i choose this food for my noche buena is to properly discipline my self since i was just staring to take a diet.
    2. Burning the food i ate will be the hardest part, but i know a little things on how to burn this, by taking a cup of tea doing my work out at home, even some times i don’t have time to go to gym, and dancing since i was teaching a ballroom dancing.

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