Be in-control for the festivities!

Few more days before Christmas and here you are about to enter another month long of reunions, parties and get-together, can you already imagine a room filled with delectable plates and sweets? All these months that you’ve been trying to keep that whistled waist, shred and trim down; how do you get to munch all the good scrumptious food without gaining a pound? easy, don’t let go of your goals and adjust to it ahead.

Create a plan with immediate, attainable goal will put you in control and make things happen. Aside from logging in 8 hours of sleep, plan your meals ahead and go for the lighter options if you’re going to have dinner parties. Here’s are few tips you can rely on:

  • Eat fibrous breakfast such as oatmeal and drink green tea to help boost up that metabolism.
  • Cut the carbs into half and have more protein (no fat) or settle for a bowl of salad
  • eat every 2-3 hours, snack in between like almonds, raisins or nuts.
  • always have bubble gum ready – maybe all you need is something to chew
  • drink water often and more. Have a liter sit beside you, gulp on!
  • Buffet doesn’t mean have EVERYTHING but instead have one of each in moderation – all you need is to taste them — especially the sweets.
  • Eat SLOW. How? try munching on your food 100 times before swallowing.
  • 1 bottle of beer but better if there’s none. Juice ain’t that bad for toast or go ahead have a glass of red wine.

More importantly, cut back on fast food and settle for pack lunch the night before. Don’t forget to exercise at least 3x a week, 30 minutes a day or if you can, go for calorie burning weekdays and then reserve yourself for the weekend parties.

Have fun! How are you going to prepare for the holiday season?


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