What’s in my Bag?

A lot of changes occurred since running mileage had to take a backseat but this didn’t mean I had to stop working out or helping myself cope up from the tragic yet humbling experience I went through 2 years ago. Let me share few of what’s in my bag, what I wear and how I made this lifestyle change a way of life.

For Yoga:

Yadu Bhakti

Yadu Bhakti Bag

  • Aquazorb Yoga Towel
  • Aquazorb Bath Towel
  • Reebok Play Dry Sports bra or Reebok On-The Move Top
  • Cetaphil Moisturizer
  • Bodivance Sachet
  • Reebok Easytone Short
  • Zigtech Pants or Easytone Capri
  • Lightwater (2)
  • Snoe SKIN Stem Cell Sunblock Cream
  • Vital Code Alpha Women or Optima
  • Usana Nutrimeal (Pre or Post Yoga Meal)
  • Easytone Flip Flops
For Plana Forma:
  • Bodivance Sachet
  • Snoe Glam Jam ( Either the Crush, Scarlet, Blush or Goddess flavor) vitamin-enriched Lip and Cheek Stain
  • Cetaphil Moisturizer and Cleanser
  • Lightwater (2)
  • Usana NutriMeal (Pre or Post workout meal)
  • Usana Proflavanol
  • Reebok Toning Apparel or Reebok Shape Apparel
  • Reebok Easytone Flip Flops or Easytone Shoes
Aside from my handy dandy iPad Hal who’s been working hard together with me in everyday basis when I’m out and about, I never leave home without my phone chargers (either the phone charger or MiLi) and Divoom if there’s a presentation scheduled.

When I get back on the road, the sunblock will certainly needs more attention and moisturizer. The Garmin forerunner needs to be charged, iPod Shuffle York loaded with more songs and my Reebok Zigtech or Cloud Surfer for the longer mileages.

The swimming bag needs to be fixed. The swim wear, goggles and swimming cap’s ready! I’ve got few more weeks to complete my 2011 bucket list. With the kind of work that I have, taking good care of yourself is the only way to take good care of the business, too.

What’s in your bag?

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