Chi Walk-Run Fitness Program

There are countless programs available that teach how to train for distance, but few teach how to walk and run safely and injury free. The Chi Running and Chi Walking programs, combined into the Chi Walk-Run Program, teaches the safest and most effective technique-based training strategies to Walk-Run a 5K distance – and learn a new way to move for a lifetime.

On the 9th of November 2011 on Lifetime Television in the United States will release the newest resource to help people run and walk pain and injury-free of the worldwide leaders in natural running and technique: Chi Running and Chi Walking.

Launching on O2 Media’s hit morning TV show ” The Balancing Act” on Lifetime, the newest Chi Run DVD and Training Program blends all of the best aspects of the Chi Walking and Chi Running Programs. Great for beginners, fitness enthusiasts, those recovering from injury, and those who prefer Walk-Run events ( or prefer the walk-run interval), the Chi Walk-Run Program offers a safe, effective and guided experience for people at any age, size, and fitness level.

Thanks to Lit Ornubia and Jaymie Pizarro who has introduced Chi Walking during my pre-marathon debut for The Bull Runner Marathon,this practice has enticed me to get back into running through right movement to prevent injury and over-exhaustion.

For those who’s in the United States, The segment, which features Danny Dreyer, Founder of Chi Walking and Chi Running and Liz Frost, Certified Chi Running Instructor, will premiere on November 9th,  and again on December 14th, as a 4-part segment on the new ‘Fitness 411’ series, airing on Lifetime Television.

“The Chi Walk-Run program makes fitness easy and accessible. Designed for every fitness level, the Chi Walk-Run program takes participants from the couch to a walk-run 5K in 8 weeks, with natural movement techniques that make this program safe and effective,” says Dreyer.

The Chi Walk-Run program incorporates movement principles borrowed from T’ai Chi to improve posture while increasing energy. “T’ai Chi is a form of martial arts, but you don’t need to know anything about it to reap the benefits of the Chi Walk-Run program,” he adds. “You’ll develop core strength, burn fat and get the benefits of running with the ease of walking.”

On my comeback to running. This Chi Walk-Run program certainly would guide me to the babysteps I needed back to gaining mileage after I had to forcefully take running on the backseat. I’m glad that I’m privileged to be blessed by such program to guide me through.

Friends, do let me know what you think of the segment! Hope it’ll help you through, too.

Thanks to Darsey of Chi-Living! Can’t wait to receive my copy!

The program will teach you the foundation of both the techniques, while you: 
• Burn fat
• Tone your muscles
• Prevent injury
• Look & feel great
• Enjoy your workouts
• Tone your abs


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