Plana Forma: Celebrity Secret Revealed

Photo courtesy: Lawrz Lib-on

A mixture of body weight training, cardiovascular exercise and a process called “interval overload,” Plana Forma, the newest  intense 55-minute workout based on the key principles and techniques of the infamous Physique 57 in New York will have your thighs shaking and your abs begging for mercy from the very beginning.

Plana Forma, uses weights and the ballet barre to strengthen and lengthen every muscle group to create supple and lean bodies.  Local celebrities such as Bubbles Paraiso, KC Concepcion, Singer and Song writer Marie Digby, triathlete journalist Tessa Prieto-Valdes; the same as how US Television host and Actress Kelly Rippa swears by the effectivity of this workout by ripping results after each session, week come after each week.

Compared to a 2-3 hours sessions at your nearby gym, this well balanced exercise program includes the three major areas of fitness: Resistance or strength training, aerobic or cardio training and stretching or flexibility training. Gone are those days when you’d allocate one day  for each section of your body, purpose or aim to work on for the day.

The total body workout of Plana Forma surely gave in the key to whittling that waist and transforming your body for the better.

The 55-minute workout begins with Resistance training with dumbells to warm up your muscles by pulsing in slow movements working on all the major muscle groups of the legs, abdomen, arms, chest, back and shoulders.

The aerobic cardio training comes in together for the fast transition of each movement, giving your heart rate a boost with isometric exercises and orthopedic stretches working on your core, the barely used muscles of the thighs, hips and giving that seat muscles some lift, while strengthening the back muscles and working the hamstrings.

After each section exhausting the muscles, the workout is accompanied by stretching for your flexibility after you’re fully warmed up, to elongate and relax your muscles.

The well trained instructors lead by Julie Alagde would make you thank them for the results. Personally, the first 2 weeks, I’ve already lost 2 inches on my thighs, few centimeters on my arm and definitely giving my core the workout it needs to shred. Finishing the 4×4 challenge ( 4 days in 4 weeks ) had me all addicted making me go for another round and conquering back-t0-back classes for endurance, strength training and work on flexibility at the same time working on muscles one never thought existed.

One can burn approximately 600 calories each session or even more when you’ve given your all without the “reset” (taking a pause). Shaking is normal and feeling the burn would make you think you can even smell your body fat burning.

If you’ve avoided the gym or any physical activity, there’s nothing to fear. Anyone can go through the entire session without stopping to catch your breath – everyone turns out to be equal, even triathletes would attest, this workout certainly is challenging and habit forming. No workout session is alike hence it breaks the dreaded plateau.

You want results, need a metaboic makeover and a U-turn towards a slimmer you?   you’ll definitely have it at Plana Forma in no time.

The Plana Forma Studio is located at the 6th Floor Jecoprime Building, 20th Avenue, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig (behind Essensa). For inquiries, e-mail or check their rwebsite for class schedules.

Just bring yourself, sticky socks (or you may purchase for only Php 300), water (or you may purchase Forma Water for Php 30) and your new set of clothes. locker rooms, toiletries and Towels are readily available for you.


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