Nutrition & Fitness Expert Melissa Paris

Reebok has evolved and focused on the Active Lifestyle and I’m glad to have met Melissa Paris of Melissa Paris Fitness online who is best known for how she relates to people, her realistic approach to fitness, and her genuine love for making people feel good from the inside out. Her clientele includes some of the most elite entrepreneurs and CEO’s of NYC at the exclusive Reebok Sports Club (which I hope we’ll have someday in Manila, Philippines)

Being an Active Lifestyle advocate, albeit I haven’t reached the peak of my goals. I would like to introduce, another one of the influencers to my friends and readers. Alongside to the wonderful women who has helped me and saved my life from the excruciating weight gain from getting sick and almost losing my health – Hollywood trainer Valerie Waters, Katrina Hogson and Karena Dawn of Tone it up. Meet my fellow Reebok active lifestyle partner from across the Globe – Melissa Paris.

Melissa Paris has a degree in Nutrition and Dietetics from Montclair State University.  She also holds a certification in personal training from the National Academy of Sports Medicine, pre and postnatal certified, integrated flexibility training, and the TRX system.  Melissa’s knowledge of anatomy, physiology, organic chemistry and medical nutrition provides her with the tools to help anyone master their fitness and wellness goals.

Melissa competes in the bikini division of the National Physique Committee.  Taking 2nd place in her first competition, 4th in her second, and making it to a Nationally competitive level by September.  She is proud to say she went against the grain of traditional dieting of competitors and incorporated an all natural, organic, approach to her nutrition regimen.

Melissa Paris, a Nutrition and fitness expert will be eyeing on my nutritional concerns and we’ll share each others thoughts.

Can’t wait to share our first post together, soon!


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