Plana Forma Challenge: Mind Body

Survived the extensive highly effective and dynamic workout that is highly addicting, fun, intense and challenging to the core inspired by NY and LA’s Physique 57: The Plana Forma 4×4 challenge.

How did that happen? although I’ve always been up for challenges, 4×4 can be a little too much for someone who commutes around the metro for work engagements and sales calls. When there’s so much responsibilities pulling you in every direction during the day, the term “working out” seemed to be exhausting by the thought of it.

That’s 4 days in 4 weeks, 16 days. The unimaginable dance, pilates, yoga, and sports cross-training.

Truth to be told, once you find fun in your work-out, finding time for a half-hour to an hour-long workout won’t even give you a dash of difficulty to schedule. Here are a few ways to hack your timeline, or at least force yourself into making the time. After all, your health is important.


Kassy Pajarillo, Paula Peralejo , Erwin Feliciano, Raquel

The Challengers

You might be the introvert who works better alone or the type who’d rather just touch and go at the gym but  having to work-out with friends makes an intense routine fun; not only you acquaint each other more but it also gives you a discussion aside from the usual work flow.

You might even be surprised that you’ve replaced the booze and cigs for sweat and early nightcap.

Not only will it benefit your sleeping patterns but it will also make you have something to look forward to each day. We personally couldn’t get enough, we engage each other on twitter, motivate and encourage ourselves by exchanging personal notes and how we notice each other’s progress in each class. It’s nice to be monitored, without even asking each other to do so.

Happy Serotonin levels are up!

The encouragement you’ll get from your friends and family cuts both ways, too: when you miss a workout or miss your goals, everyone will see, so you have some real encouragement to keep up the pace. – lifehacker.

Pencil book it. Schedule.

Unlike our friendly Gyms wherein the thought that they’re open from this period to a certain period, Plana Forma requires you to sign-up on classes rather than just stepping in anytime. The diligence to pencil book your workout is just like booking your other engagements. You learn to be firm and stick on your schedule. Although of course,there are circumstances  which may block your way towards your engagement, you’ll eventually treat it as if you’re stuck in traffic and you’d be late for a few minutes – which means, you’d have to call in and reschedule to include you onto the next class.

Who would’ve thought a work-out actually also helps your character in dealing with time management and taking responsibility to your engagements?

After each class, you’ll be relieved you made it. The sense of fulfillment and satisfaction. Even during your workout you get to insert the thought of productivity; not only were you able to exercise your body but you also was able to hone your management skills. Who hates late on engagements anyway?

While there’s no way to actually add hours to the day or make your daily routine any less hectic, there are ways to make sure you step back, find a little time to squeeze in some  valuable time to take good care of yourself— What’s allotting 55minutes after work? Before you know it, you’ll wonder why you didn’t find the time to exercise sooner.

You want results? You’ll get it at Plana Forma, plus more.

You can register for classes online at If it’s your first time to sign-up, you can pay for your class at the studio. Just bring yourself, your sticky socks (or you may purchase at the studio for Php 300) and hand over your ID; they have Locker rooms and towels readily available.

Stay tuned, will be posting more about Plana Forma and the recap from the 4×4 challenge forFTW Magazine.

Plana Forma

6F Jecoprime Bldg.
21st Ave. Mckinley Hill
Bonficio Global City, Taguig


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