Social Network’s Active Lifestyle

The marketplace has been showing significant marketing changes when the social media took part of every persons vade mecum; everyone seem to opt to have their own laptops, saving on handy ipads/playbook or uploading videos and other helpful contents on their smart phones. Without a doubt,  the explosive emergence of social media has captured people towards an active lifestyle; Running blogs has created its own crowd in cyber space influencing everyone to find a good pair of trainers and head out on the road for fun runs and cross training. A person’s real documentary may seem to be more of a preference than highfaluting words from medical technical references.

Social media creates opportunities to level up conversations. Gone are those days when one comes out of the office to hand over surveys and wait for days or weeks to quantify opinions through graphs.

Log on facebook, ask opinions or seek help via twitter or plainly by “searching on google” engagements has become quantifiable. you get to swift through the number of likes, the ratio of clicks and even get to know which of your posts has marked an impact compared to your previous or present updates.  everyone seem to refer to testimonials, engages more because of blog contents and are openly adaptaed by the cyber space sharing experiences through blog posts, videos and other kinds of medium posted on the internet.

Real people, Real Results. Stories told.

The shift to social media has changed its focus to people, when brands present their products to consumers by allowing them to communicate to more people; essentially people involve themselves responding immediately to promos and brand introductions especially knowing they get in touch straight to the brand by getting quick answers-a thread of conversation, making people feel they are the priority, as a sole person not as a whole or for a specific “market”

The active lifestyle world and the activities that happen with in it are inherently social. So, it’s quite natural that people want to communicate with others about what they are doing, and of course the products and brands they are shopping. We’ve seen this word of mouth marketing through social networking blossom across programs we have built.

Tone it up: Katrina & Karena

Your Personal Trainer

A personal trainer may cost an arm and leg not until video portals such as youtube began having rosters of trainers sharing tips and moves on how to “tighten the abs” or ” get that bikini body” programs. Trainers such as Katrina Hodgson and Karena Dawn of Tone it Up, Hollywood Trainer Valerie Waters and Fitness Enthusiast Sarah Dussault are the perfect example of the Fitness World on Cyberspace who has helped thousands of men and women alike achieve their personal goals.

Social Media sites: Facebook, Twitter, and even Foursquare have taken over most if not all, the population of the world to get active or at least get to start living healthy.

I, for instance, has proven that the social network has attracted others to join me towards lifestyle change. Blogging and Twitting, and sharing insights or what I’ve learned online, in one way or another, inspired and aspired people to get with the movement, and go against dieting but rather work on more of the mindset, time management and portion control.

I maybe a work in progress but the shift sure made me healthier than I was ever.

Valerie Waters

Clients or customers enjoy telling people what they’re up to, or knowing they have the bragging rights about their favorite products or how much they agree on the effectivity of the program, the exercise of the day or the tip which was shared; having to easily talk to hollywood trainers or trainers who proves their credibility through how they engage, makes your services effective.

Changes in body fat and lean muscle, having to see the changes from then to now or after one has tried the workout or experienced a product, word of mouth just spreads in a nano second providing social proof that your fitness routines delivers results. A real deal. Just how we all say “seeing is believing”

Photos, videos and status messages; your active updates on social networking sites gets your clients or customers attention; follow through and constant updates makes the engagement more glued to each other. It gets your name out and remember you especially look forward to your new content especially if you’ve got Tuesday’s special work out or Weekly challenges.

The fitness cyber world is a party of sorts. Once you’re in it, you’ll see the convenience and the importance of keeping yourself informed, everyday is a learning process and being guided by real people, without a cost but just you and your willingness for change makes trainers worth more than what money provides – effecitivity and results worldwide.

Have you ever tried online trainers or been guided by a specific blog? Jillian Michaels is an example of effectivity, people look up to her, follow her personal twitter account and fervently follow every each word she says.

Try it. I lost at least 50 lbs already and my beginnings were because of these ladies and they still continuously inspire me and guide me through this lifestyle change.


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