Coaching and Launches

Regardless what life has in store everyday, I always make sure that I get to do some compound movements in the morning or before the day ends. Just like how much I have been craving for water instead of sweets, the workout is much needed whether it’s TRX, Yoga, a Jillian Michaels or Valerie Waters Workout, Curves or tons of walking if not running.

This year, I listed down my bucket list and swore  I’ll get into as much sporting activities as I can. One of which is to seriously get into coaching on swimming to finally sharpen my strokes and learn how to do the butterfly right aside from the usual freestyle and breaststroke.

Yesterday, for finally, I was coached and glad I’ve finally found one who can guide me through each strokes as if I’m a toddler who’s about to learn how to paddle. During the first few minutes, I was filled with compliments. Apparently, I’m a fast learner and this time, I have been less of the egoistic stubborn child.

I had a good breakfast after and analyzed how I started the morning. I can’t be any less grateful reuniting back on water again (although it’s not surfing, but swimming would help me in paddling!). I took a few more laps to practice what I was taught and went around The Village Sports to know more about their facilities.

Aside from the mini olympic pool,  The Village Sports Club  offers a variety of things: Yogilates, Hip Hop classes aside from the usual Gym; Basketball, Baseball, Futsal courts and to top it off, They also have a small oval you can run into around the field! I can finally train together with my brightly lit ON’s, my  Greene more than the distance of running my way there.

The Story from On running on Vimeo.


As previously posted, I am undergoing a lifestyle change together with Atty. Janina Fernando. Our first task for the week is to be mindful of what we eat, focus on the food portion and get to know our bodies more through the help of sleeping and waking up earlier than usual, gulping on more water and incorporating at least 30 minutes of compound movements, if not, a good walk.

I can’t be any prouder knowing the first 8 days, Janina, who has been steadfast firm on her journey towards getting healthy already neglected drinking sessions with friends, been sleeping earlier than her usual and has been mindful on all sorts of things (including her schedule).

A little this and a little of that won’t hurt! We’re not advocating any diet. She finally got rid of her weekly migraine! As for me, I have felt more accountable to what I do and my calendar is filled with X marks on what activity I’ve done so far.

We will definitely update you more about our weekly recap. If you would want to join me and Janina, you may email


Photo Courtesy: Ena Terol

Aside from the Lifestyle change buddy program I and Janina are undergoing my life has been progressing together with my amazing doers and big thinkers friends behind the soon to be launched, FTW Magazine.

If you have time, pass by TriNoma on your way to work or back home, please don’t forget to drop by TriNoma Activity Center on the 15th of September, from 5:30-8:30pm, for the REEBOK EasyTone Launch and FanCon, REEBOK: The Toning Experience. We have tons of surprises in store for all of you Reebok fans and converts! Make sure you wear comfortable clothes and you get to sign up through the facebook event page, you might be in for a surprise!

There are kick off tasks you shouldn’t miss, so, head to Facebook and get yourselves updated!



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