With my Speedos ON

Because of the Medical Doctor’s order for me not to go for long distances not until we finally get to harmonize this woman’s concern (hormonal imbalance) I have been situating myself into a mix of everything.

Aside from the RESET which I just started with CURVES and at least once a week dose of yoga (and more home practice), this girl is going to go for what’s left on her bucket list and that’s to finally get into swimming again.

Since the pool is nearby, I will be jogging my way to The Village Sports Plaza and head out for some early morning laps. The 3k and 5k’s are well dedicated with my Zigs but the short run to the pool area will have my ON’s and my old speedos.

Let’s channel the triathlete wannabe ( gulp, one day )

We have few more months left before we bid 2011 goodbye, why don’t you give yourself some time to check on your bucket list? what else would you want to get into or at least get to try this year?

Speaking of which, you all better head to Chris Sports Page to get to know more about the arrival of this brightly lit CloudTech Shoes. The sensation to your feet is different, you’d really want to wear it all the time (especially the triathles and long distance runners!)

I can’t wait to tell you more about my Speedos + ON running journey!


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