What’s your motivation? Results.

Photo cropped. Thanks Vicky Ras

Enjoyment is a natural motivator.

I have finally found the addiction I have always had; it includes fitness and wellness and I’m truly grateful that I have surpassed the diet pills and crash diets. It’s been such an irony that I feel healthier than I used to be when I was ranging 105-115 lbs back in my younger years (I’m still in my 20’s btw) and though I am undergoing this journey towards burning the body fat percentage goal that needs tons of work, I don’t dread every movement I choose to do and actually look after each activity I have on my list.

Lifestyle change brought me here and with the help of friends, I finally found what my mission in life is: I aim to inspire and motivate as much as I could. I have finally bid farewell to the old pretentious me who’s trying to become what I am not; I’ve discovered contentment and honing what you’re capable of.

There’s always room for improvement.Enjoy what you love doing most, it will hone you into a better you.

Just like anybody else who has an addiction to playing games or a certain sport, I, too have a addiction personality. Give up one vice, pick up another and yet one thing that never left is the variety of trying activities in terms of fitness and the quest on mustering mindful eating.

Today, I realized I can really go on and on with exercise: 90 minutes of yoga, 30 minutes of circuit training, 30 minutes of zumba dancing or even having few minutes of dumbbell press while reading an email or side-leg lifts while reading a book.  It’s never hard to get out of the door. A good run would also suffice or tons of walking.

On September 1,2011,  I am forming a new habit. It takes 10 days or 28 days to finally make a habit innate but whichever days needs to be done, I am going for what is truly needed to be paid attention to: Consistency and get competitive with myself.

As part of the CURVES challenge (Started August 22), giving justice to Valerie Waters and my friends from TIU, I am going to jot down every food that I eat and have myself accountable. Eating clean 100% is going to be hard but having it posted here would make it more mindful for me to do so. I usually don’t get to insert my snacks in and crave so much sweets. I aim to break this habit.

As a bonus, I will be undergoing a lifestyle change together with Atty. Janina Fernando, my new partner in the quest towards healthy living.

Here are the pointers for this week:

  • Wake up earlier than usual to do some compound movements
  • Drink more than usual, 12-14 glasses. Thank you lightwater!
  • Eat 5-6x a day:  Breakfast, Snack, Lunch, Snack, Dinner, Snack  (no food 3 hours before sleeping)
We will undergo this challenge, hit the first 10 days, go on until the 28th and eventually have the schedule affixed to what I/we have been accustomed to.
  • 90 minutes Yoga
  • 3x a week Curves Circuit Training / Zumba
  • Cardio blast, 3-5k every other day.
  • Valerie Waters Program
Don’t worry about beginnings. Whenever you really do well in the first day, you’d always find yourself hungrier or sluggish (or wanting to be sluggish) the next day.Remember: Change is uncomfortable but you’ll thank yourself after.
Get that booty out there, Move! What’s 10, 28 or 30 days? 
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