Work at Home. Working In.

People often ask what do you do for a living? Frankly, I actually have no concrete answer except that WORK equates to PLAY and DELIVERABLES equates to FUN; when asked further on, I’d explain and say that my tasks involves enjoying the fruit of hard work and making dreams come true without being too overly priced with clients. Letting the architecture of daydreams come to reality together with great friends, and I have never been this grateful for having to work with such doers and big thinkers.

These past few months, our mini-mega project will never come to life  if it wasn’t because of these hard-working friends, my teammates who has the same principles and vision despite knowing our broad interest are different from one another but hey, if couples call it as soulmate? we’re like match-made in heaven.

FTW. Wait for it… this September!

Of course, even though we’ve been working day in and day out on our deliverables and hitting deadlines. Giving ourselves at least 30 minutes for fitness is on our to do list and learning how to be more mindful of what we eat is how we take care of our bodies. We’ve come to the conclusion that we can’t produce mini- me’s, hence taking care of your body is how we maintain and give ourselves energy to sustain us.

My Temporary Work desk: Thank you inspirational books, Gadgets (iPad, Printer, Macbook, & Divoom) and Lightwater

But of course, one can never be outside all the time. When I don’t get to work-out at Curves or wasn’t able to give myself a dose of 90 minutes Yoga; I practice few movements to help me still work out everyday. You know what they say about little movements? it does count.

Working at home can be grueling hence having to do something really active other than pounding the keyboard is my therapy. What can you do at home and yet get yourself a workout? While my friends are spending their mornings on Insanity and P90x, I also give myself time for some fitness therapy.

Sit on the edge of the chair to make you sit straight. Sometimes I use my large medicine ball as chair, too! I keep a bottle of Lightwater near me to gulp on, have my TRX readily available to stretch at least every 30 minutes, my yoga mat laid on the floor for some savasana or some mat work when I need a breather or just plainly carrying a dumbell while reading emails.

There are also other workout you can do at home by just searching on youtube. Personally, I follow my friends Katrina and Karena who came up with Toneitup and been successful in the States (Oh, one of the reason why I dearly want to fly my way out to US already to give these two a hug), Sarah of Sarahfit  who’s been there for me since the beginning (you’ve progressed and got yourself ripped, lady!) and of course, who wouldn’t know Valerie Waters? The Celebrity trainer of Jennifer Garner, Jessica Biel, Poppy Montgomery, Jim Carey, Matt Daemon to name a few. You may want to check them out, they’ve got amazing moves easily accessible. You gotta believe us when we say, NO EXCUSES.

Sounds a bit goofy but isn’t that much better rather than a bulging tummy or letting those loose bat wings take over your triceps and biceps?

I’m on my way towards the fitter and healthier me. I’m glad I’ve been out of medication just to harmonize these women hormones, gone have I been on believing on magical pills or fat burning supplements. It would take time but just like your work deliverables, when you put your best foot forward and give it time towards success — everything else will fall right where you envision it.


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