Let’s Get Happy, Shall we?

Putting yourself at the top of your to-do list isn’t selfish; it’s actually self-preservation. You are your priority and taking good care of yourself is job one. Keep those fashion magazine in the corner and give time to review your days and how you would want to spend the coming days ahead. Just like how you jot down your appointment, why don’t you monitor how you’ve been doing and what else is on your bucket list? Give time for yourself as you give time for others and your career.

Remember, you’re a beautiful person and the more you become mindful on things, the more you become well overall.

1. Crash diets are there to solely speak for itself, to crash you. You do know that Fad diets don’t work that’s why these are called “Fad”. When you lose too fast (more than 2 pounds per week), you lose muscle along with fat. Be in charge of what you eat. It’s so much better than going through the diet and if you overeat again, the weight comes back and so does the fat—but not the muscle. You may have achieved wearing the jeans for sometime but it’ll take a long time to ignite your sluggish metabolism back to its active state which makes your quest to getting healthy (aside from that jeans size)  harder. The result: your body will needs less food and it’s harder to lose the next time. What works? Slow, steady shrinking. Get Active!

2. Have fun, keep yourself young. Go for what makes you wake up every day with a smile on your face and that activity which will make you keep on going. Don’t be afraid to try as much and discover different activities: yoga, capoeira, running or even triathlon training. The world is your playground and fitness studios are everywhere. Challenge yourself and get ready to tackle the day. Have fun and have more of that.

3. Follow your heart, and it will lead you to your best you. There’s something other than happiness that money can never buy and that’s Confidence. When you care less about what others say and what others think, you make yourself empowered and you go for what’s right, not only for you, but also for those who believes in you. Do what’s right for you and just keep on going.

4. Don’t let that pimple get the best of you or when you feel bloated. With confidence, there’s beauty and with the beauty that comes from inside would even make you glow more. Remember that no one notices imperfections except those who carry such lousy attitude. Smile, keep that optimism in tact and you’ll always be seen glowing for always being the greater person than those who speak and think ill of others.

5. Change is inevitable and so are you. No matter how much bad habits you have been until now, acknowledging and knowing them, if you change them today, you can be a little healthier by tomorrow and a better person onwards.

6. You know when they say, Giving back would make you feel like getting? it’s true. One doesn’t need to be filthy rich to support an advocacy. Go for what you believe in. Worry not about not having enough time, funds or proper date to go for outreach programs. all you have to do is to help with small gestures, campaigning for what you personally advocate for would make you a whole better – you see, giving back, even if it’s with little gestures is the most fulfilling thing in life. You’re blessed and sharing those blessings would make you even more grateful that you’ve gone and come this far.

7.  Toddlers lives curiously. Growing means taking risks. Being fearful is natural, but getting beyond your barriers leads to growth and reward. Move ahead, even when it terrifies you. You’ll be happy you did. Overcome and conquer fear, tick off things on your bucket list, just like toddlers, live curiously.

8. Give yourself a pat on your back and tell yourself “Good job! Well done!”  praise yourself once in a while for being productive, achieving what’s written on your to do list or whenever you’ve completed another day near from sealing a 30 days challenge. If we could praise ourselves the way we lavishly compliment others, we’d encourage ourselves even more, too.

9. You’re out and about, you’re always pitching in ideas and trying to make things work. You’re the head of decision making and you’ve got to give your best shot. When you head out there to travel, off to get stoked on a surf trip with friends or with your family, just get out there and forget about what’s ahead. This is your moment. There is always work to do, bills to pay, pounds to lose. Forget all that, and live this very moment to its fullest. The rest can wait. Right now is the only moment that exists. Make it count. Take photos, build memories.


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