Pinoyfitness & JeepneEd

Thank you Pinoyfitness for supporting JeepneEd.

We are truly grateful because Pinoyfitness choose to include Team Reebok Running and Curves Philippines to all Pinoyfitness events. For every shirt you purchase, Php 50 will go to JeepneEd.

The Reebok & Curves Ambassadress in me is very happy, Php 50 will go to JeepneEd

Things to Know about the Pinoy Fitness Tech Shirt:

1. SUPER Introductory Price of PHP 299 ONLY!
2. For each Shirt purchased a percent (%) will be donated to support the JeepneED Foundation
3. Sizes Available: XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL
4. We were able to distribute few of the shirts during the  Sports and Fitness Expo 2011 at SMX on Aug 12-14

What is JeepneED?

A mobile science and tech lab for rural schools in the Philippines

Our mission is to provide community-driven, sustainable, in-school support in science and technology on a redesigned jeepney that runs on used vegetable oil.

JeepneED serves as an engaging outdoor learning lab with 10 netbooks, a 3G hub for Internet connectivity, a printer and scanner, a projector, and other basic science materials for a community of 8 to 12 rural public schools.


Reserve your Shirt via the Form Below: (Pinoyfitness will set it aside for you)

[Reservation Closed – Thanks for all the Support!]
List of People who Reserved for the Pinoy Fitness Tech Shirt (275)

NOT IN THE LIST!? Don’t Worry! There are pick up points and other ways on how you can purchase this shirt, just drop by Pinoyfitness site to know more information.


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