Yoga+ Remedy to Rhinitis


Allergies aren’t just annoying; they can affect sleep, concentration, and productivity and put you in a bad mood. It has been 5 days since I had my yoga, 5 days of suffering from Rhinitis , 5 days of the sniffles and irritating runny nose which made me finish rolls and boxes of napkins, 5 days of not being able to wake up early in the morning for my Bikram yoga.

You have no idea how bad I felt not being able to practice. It seems like I skipped work, missed an assignment or been running away over an important deadline which will eventually haunt me down until my last breath.

“Allergies are worsened by a stress reaction, which causes physiological responses, including the release of stress hormones and histamine, and triggers inflammation,” says Jeff Migdow, M.D., director of Prana Yoga Teacher Training through the Open Center in New York as well as a holistic physician at the Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health in Lenox, Massachusetts. “Relaxation diminishes fight-or-flight response, and thereby reduces allergic symptoms.” Through relaxation, the nervous system basically tells the immune system to hold its fire. Once the immune system backs off, the inflammation and mucus decrease, and symptoms diminish.

Albeit other practitioners and yogi’s would say to avoid Bikram Yoga or Ashtanga Yoga due to the heat and suggests to practice smooth and calming series, I, being the believer of the healing process of Bikram Yoga still went for the 90 minutes class and sailed through the 26 postures.

I sure had to take a sit during the first few postures since I was having a hard time breathing but with focus and slow breathing, eventually, I was able to swift through the rest of the postures with a smile on my face, proud of the prowess cure of Bikram Yoga.

Along the way, it also made me understand better the importance of breathing when it comes to balancing and regaining your focus.

People can be allergic to a variety of things. Some have outdoor allergies: to grass, trees, and pollens. Abroad, we call these as Seasonal Allergies. Other people are allergic to things inside the house such as dust mites, indoor mold, and household pets meanwhile for me, I have always been sensitive to cigarette smoke, the toxic fumes of vehicles and random strong stench which will cause some of the symptoms of allergic rhinitis; sneezing, a runny nose, a stuffy nose, watery eyes and worse, migraines.

After my work engagements, I made sure I’d go for a yoga class no matter what happens. I googled through the nearest yoga studio from where I was and found Yoga+.  Without having to know Yoga+ has all the amenities a yogi will need, my yadu bag was packed with my essentials and was left neglected.

The yoga+ studio was designed to provide a healthy environment suitable for yoga practice. Special flooring was used in the yoga room to provide traction during hot yoga classes and prevent black knees and bruises from the kneeling postures. This special flooring is made from recycled materials that is non-toxic even in a heated environment. Heaters use far infrared rays that provide a warm, soothing heat that heals injuries and prevents wrinkles. In addition, it kills bacteria, thus preventing bad odor. Imagine all the benefits from sunlight without needing sunblock!

Yoga+ also provide Manduka mats which are made from recycled, non-toxic materials. Yoga and bath towels, shower toiletries and alkaline water are also included in the package.

Just come in with your yoga clothes and water bottle and you’re all set!

90 minutes, 26 postures, back in the hot chamber after 5 days. I surely felt the relief and felt so much better after the practice. I met a wonderful couple who’s been practicing yoga for 5 years, 3x a week and has so much to thank yoga for. The environment, aside from it’s well equipped, the fellow practitioners are a mix of newly graduates, entrepreneurs and retired respectable men and women.

Hot Yoga Instructor and Owner Dinah Salonga. Thank you Reebok for my Casual Wear

During the practice, a lady passed out and everyone near her area panicked. It reminded me of that day when this young lady passed out behind me at Bikram yoga Alabang which also made me crazily concerned; it was then when I realized, when she passed out that I felt the power of calmness and that she’s alright. I pursued the practice and left being worried away.

Ryan, our instructor attended to her and gave her air to breathe. After the practice, all the women were telling her to take care and if she can walk right. I couldn’t help but say, take it easy, have 8 hours of sleep and drink more water than you usually gulp on. I wasn’t on the position to speak, but the ladies who were around seemed to ask after if it’s normal – being a huge believer of the practice, of course, I didn’t want anyone be discouraged by the power yoga can do to you.  I said, “listen to your body and take care of it. Yoga will make you want to sleep earlier, complete the cycle and drink lots of water, oh! avoid fatty foods.” I have Ginger Diaz and Omar Greene of Bikram Yoga Alabang to thank for such advice I was able to pass on.

I hope instructors will remind all yogi’s and yogini’s to stay quiet while all other practitioners are still inside the room. After Ryan stepped out of the room, ladies cuddled together for a chit chat which made it difficult for me to savor savasana on resilience. 

Nonetheless, looks like I will be heading towards Yoga+ often whenever I need my yoga fix after my work engagements since it’s near CURVES and makati. I’m relieved to know that their schedule are quite aplenty, it would be impossible to miss a day for resilience. Did the session cure me? yes. without medicines, just pure water and yoga, I’m glad I fought and put my mind on it and practiced. Instead of suffering for acute rhinitis for at least 3 weeks, I was able to cure it, the holistic way: 90 minutes of yoga, water, and Vital Code Supplement which never fails.

Thank you Yoga+ for being part of my overall wellness, the natural remedy my body needed.

Yoga+ Studio
Unit 1102 Unit Fort Towers,
3rd Avenue cor 31st st. Global City, Taguig
+63917 8083957


5 thoughts on “Yoga+ Remedy to Rhinitis

  1. Dorian Okeson says:

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