Hydration & Yoga

Yoga and LightWater

When I got back to Bikram Yoga, Instructors from Bikram Yoga Alabang remind us perpetually about the importance of Hydration.

Drink all day, all night. Hydrate more than a glass per hour, drink as much as you can. Exert effort to drink more. Hydrate” says Ginger Diaz of Bikram Yoga Alabang. That sure is tons of hydrate in one reminder.

After a few days, even though the reminder was continuously been said and mentioned by everyone’s sentences after each asana especially in the dressing room, you’d understand by the testimony of each practitioner that drinking more than your usual, beyond your usual will give power to your flexibility and help you perform each asana within your focus. You wouldn’t want to get dizzy and pass out, would you?

Hydrating not only helps you towards your practice but it also cleanses your body overall. In every health magazine or newsletters, or even on the internet, you’d find it on fine print to drink up 8-12 glasses of water each day; coffee and sodas are excluded.

Truth is, Most people are dehydrated. They drink coffee, tea and soda all day long. These are diuretics which will make you pee out all their vital fluids and affect your body’s ability to absorb water and excrete for detoxification.

I used to think that all bottled water and what I drink at home are all the same just as long as it’s purified and filtered but after having myself introduced to Lightwater, during the 30 days challenge, I felt the difference between the water I take in (which was brought from home or other brands) and the power drinks I used to carry. The effect of drinking more water, specifically Lightwater has improved my hydration needs and the absorption in my body without the guilt. Most power drinks has a pinch of sugar meanwhile with Lightwater, it’s bottled on its purest form without sugar, sodium or added flavorings but it’s packed with electrolytes (calcium,potassium+magnesium) which a person needs to fuel himself with especially when you’re all out there active, sweating out during practice, out on a run or just lounging around the beach.

Lightwater not only did hydrate my body inside but also it has become my instant remedy when my face seem to dry up from the sun rays, others will just moist it for a while and dry’s up quickly leaving the skin tightened but with Ligthwater, it surpasses it all and becomes an instant moisturizer on your skin. My mom would always say, splash or tap a clean towel or face napkin on your face with water when you feel your cheeks are about to dry up, show inflammation or when you feel it’s tightening with this uncomfortable feel as if it’s been masked – now, all I had to do is to splash Lightwater, voila! Instant remedy especially for the commuter that I am, exposed to pollution and all other allergens.

I also get a little light headed on other branded bottled waters, which I will no longer name.

Come to think of it, ever since I have been gulping myself with Lightwater, I actually opt to have it anywhere I go and buy bottles of it when I drop by supermarkets or mini stores out in the metro. Why not? hydrate more than what your body needs and fuel it with exactly what it needs.

What about you? How do you hydrate yourself? Have you been mindful of what you drink?


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