On Running: Initial Raining Test Run

Apparel: Reebok and the CloudSurfer to test run

Last month, a cloud surfer ran its way towards my direction. A Certified head turner, it’ll compliment you and your running feet not just for quick short distances but also for those hard-knee aching long runs.

Innovation seems to continuously evolve but this pretty pair, engineered in Switzerland and well studied, made by six-time ironman winner and World Champion duathlete Olivier Bernhard. This shoe with chip soft like soles  (13 individual CloudTec Elements) prove to expose and leave you no aches or fatigue after both vertical and horizontal forces; designed as a circular hollow rubber which are located in key impact areas at the outsole.

When you’re running, the forward-pushing impact is hard to be neglected especially those who get tired easily and lose their running form, resulting to injuries and muscular breakdown.

For somebody who has been undergoing yoga for the past 2 months and logging minimal mileage, this  lightweight trainer  designed for speed, distance and efficiency has given me the boost to get back on the road.

No, I’m no longer flying to New York for ING New York Marathon due to workload and the time consuming US Visa renewal which left me with no choice but to let go of the cheap roundtrip airfare I reserved months ago. I’d probably look for a bike to ride.

I’ve tried running after a 90 minutes scourging practice in the hot chamber of yoga leaving me well worked out and tired but this cloud surfer made my tired legs and body not go hard on its impact as I stride one foot after another. It did lead me to believe that the cushion, the cloud technology of this pair indeed protect your ligaments and your overall leg muscles.

I noticed, the outsoles has a space in between the heel and the first few chips (or elements as they call it) which resulted to zero to very minimal heel strike hence naturally make you land midfoot.

First Attempt

It was pretty gloomy when I went out for a run. The initial feeling when you wear this pair of cloud surfer will leave you as if you just stepped on a comfortable wool carpet, it lets your foot slip on and off easily; as soon as you stand tall, you’d feel as if you were wearing some toddler shoes – it’s crisp, a little bouncy like you’re stepping on the clouds – you’ll feel elevated, pulled up which will help you sustain your running form.

Gloomy rainy night

The 3D CloudTec elements provide cushioning from vertical forces and amazing bounce as they lock into place. Plus the cells resist horizontal forces too, helping to stabilise the foot and improve efficiency.

The rain poured in. Ah, Perfect! I wanted to know if it’ll be too slippery on the road or it’ll still stick on the ground without you feeling as if you’re about to slip or be stuck glued which may result to a harder stride or possible injury (imagine your face flat on the ground after slipping forward). CloudSurfer didn’t fail me, it actually made me run faster than my usual,I was surprised I was able to log between a 6-7 average from  my “back in the road”  8-9 (or 10) pace per kilometer for my test miler.  I didn’t even notice that I was going that fast, it didn’t wear my legs out especially during the time when I decided to do few 50-100 meter intervals. I logged in about 4-6 pace on average, whew!

Because it claims to be a Surfer on Clouds while running, I sure am STOKED!

It may take a bit of getting used to, but this CloudSurfer is extremely comfortable once you get going. I think I just found the perfect shoe for my dreadful interval and tempo training — when I get back on the road for more serious mileage — towards my initial training to try for tri. For now, Let me head back to short distances and reclaim my personal best time years ago. It’s plausible, it certainly is possible.


On Cloudsurfer 2011 Price: £119.99 (Approx PHP 6622 )

Stay with me as I take these brightly lit ON’s out on the road.


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