Man behind MMDA

There’s still hope for Metro Manila Traffic and I am uber proud of our friend, Yves Gonzales.

During Twestival MNL together with Tito Kulit (a.k.a TJ Manotoc) and Lauren, the woman behind and beside the success of our MMDA Superhero Yves Gonzales

Do not ever underestimate the power of the young generation who proactively include metro manila as part of their dream. This guy right here, just made our enforcers more responsive & public service-focused.

“there’s hope” is also wat i believe. there’s no magic solution but incremental improvements in metro travel times is doable. says Yves Gonzales over twitter as he exchange twitter messages to another change-maker, Nina Terol-Zialcita, Ed-in-chief of AsianTraveler Magazine.

May the road be kind to bikers, here’s to hoping, one day, someday, we’ll have a lane strictly just for bikers but that’ll come after. Traffic has never been tolerable, if it wasn’t because of this guy.

Congratulations and Thanks, Yves!


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