Flow with Bow

As soon as the 30 days Bikram Yoga Challenge capped July, Off I attended Flow Yoga, also known as Vinyasa (“breath-synchronized movement”) Yoga in Flow Yoga Center Alabang.

Instead of cuddling my pillows longer on a rainy day, I opted to get up and meet my new yogini friend Ria Tirazona of FatGirlNoMore who I re-met during the last few sessions in BYA.

Aside from knowing it’ll be a new yoga practice to experience, I was looking forward to be guided by one of the prettiest faces I know in De La Salle Zobel circa 90’s Bow Pellicer-Valdez. Thanks Bow!

It was lovely practicing with fellow Schoolmate Katrina Guidotti-Stehmeierr, too!

Flow yoga starts you well situated seated on the mat with your eyes closed and your arms steadily relaxed on top of your knees; focusing on the synchronization of the body’s motions and the breath in room temperature.  You may have your eyes closed within duration of the entire practice, meditate as you move yourself from one posture after another,  resulting to a very steady workout which increase mental focus.

Compared to Bikram Yoga wherein there’s more savasana, Flow Yoga has more sun salutations, chaturanga and downward dogs in between postures to shift to the next posture but just like any other yoga;  the steadiness of the breath helps the yogi maintain the proper pace of the entire practice.

As you stretch, your body warms up elongating your muscles. Without mental clarity, one will have a difficulty achieving the postures but as you go along, with the help of constant focus and breath, you tend to be fully aware of each movement, maintaining proper form all throughout the series.

Along the way, It was hard not to wonder why they call FLOW yoga as it is instead of Vinyasa. Upon the last few minutes laying down on savasana. I realized the postures are done in smooth movement run together like a dance. You get to feel like you’re about to dive and breathe through up the shallow water, move as graceful as a dolphin together with the rhythm of your breath. Enjoy the FLOW and join the ride, yoga certainly is addictive.

If only the world is filled with yogi’s and yogini’s, the world will be filled with kindred hearts and spirits. People will be nicer not only to others but for themselves. Join me as I hop back more into the practice. Namaste.

Looking forward to  Flow Yoga filled August and get to experience Yin by Dona Tumacder- Estaban.

Flow Yoga Center Alabang
Upper Level Casa Susana Bldg.
Madrigal Ave. Alabang Commercial Center
Muntinlupa City

Landmark: Where Henlin is in front of Pure Gold and Starbucks Madrigal


6 thoughts on “Flow with Bow

  1. ria says:

    i super duper love practicing with bow 🙂 she’s like a bright ray of sunshine any day 🙂 🙂 🙂 i was glad to have practiced with you again kas 🙂

  2. Nora, the golden girl says:

    Happy happy birthday again Kassy! I hope you really enjoyed your special day yesterday.

    I’m glad that you have added yoga to your regimen. I could actually feel the happiness it brings to your life.

    As for me naman, Tai-chi with Ate Ella and Eia every Tue. and Friday here in Philamlife Village. Sarrraaap ng feeling.

    Hope to see you in Unilab Run! Miss yah!

  3. Mariel Ferrer says:

    hi! what are the rates for the classes? I went to Bikram Yoga alabang, i had a blast but i find the rates too steep. Please let me know 🙂

    • Just Kas | Runaholic says:

      it’s way cheaper with Bow, i think it’s around Php 400 drop-in sessions and around Php 4,000 ( less than Php 5,000 ) for a whole month punch cards. she also has other rates. She teaches Flow Yoga ( Vinyasa ) not Bikram though and the studio also offers Zen with Yogi, Donna Tumacder.

      I’m sure she can give you good rates, fellow zobelian! Haha.

      See you, soon?

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