Bikram Yoga 30 Days Challenge: Namaste

my very first spot

Every beginning will eventually meet- but not all good things must come to – its end .

July 30, 2011

I was privileged to attend Bikram Yoga Alabang’s 30 days challenge. How did I fair? due to work schedule, looming arrival of the storm and red letter days; I made it to a day of double classes (180 minutes) which was so much better the second time around, resulting 21 days out of 30.

But as the dialogue says it all -” Change” was prevalent if you give 100% in every 90 minutes customary asanas.

It has been 5 years since I last attended Bikram Yoga, gone are those days when the postures weren’t as tough as it was but as soon as I stepped in the chamber, the love for the practice was harken back to my senses – a nerving endless gratitude to: Business Mirror, Team Asia and Ginger Diaz, Studio Director of Bikram Yoga Alabang for the invitation.

Courtesy: Maricel Sarte

30 days challenge seemed to be an impossible mission but for the rest of the ladies of BYA, it surely was something they look forward to day come after each day. I myself can testify on how habit forming it was to wake up, start your day with resilience and infinite stretching. You begin to be conscientious of your hydration and most of all, accept your body’s limitations challenging it to what seemed to be impossible.


From what seemed to be a simple back bend during the Ardha-Chandrasana and Pada-Hastasana (Half Moon Pose and hands to Feet), the end of the challenge made me bend a little much farther near, looking straight to the wall ( once scared, you’d be a little shaky but you’ve got “let it go” says BYA instructors to achieve the posture), get to bend farther during the half Moon Pose; went a little more aligned during my favorite Dandayamana-Dhanurasana (Standing Bow Pulling Pose) and longer in the posture, lay myself for the Supta-Vajrasana (Fixed Firm Pose) until the end of the count, hang onto my body weight through Utkatasana (Awkward Pose) and most of all, was able to endure 90-180 minutes in the hot room without feeling the dizziness during the first sessions or the unbearable thoughts arguing with my inner thoughts.

The Japanese ham sandwich sure was one of the goals I thought I’d be able to achieve but with constant practice, one day, I will, as well as the rest of the postures wherein reaching/standing on your toes are requisites.


From the first unto the third week, I’ve lost few poundage, shredded the love handles and felt a little more taller (not that I grew an inch), people noticed the glow of my skin from the everyday detoxification and the natural rosy cheeks,too.

Alongside to my being pescetarian, switch to Vital Code as my nutrition supplement and the mission to live a healthy lifestyle; adieu to excruciating  migraines which used to be a concern and  hormonal imbalance. Bikram Yoga complemented the natural healing (and I aim to stop the fight for it one day).

The well distinct erratic hunger strike was such a struggle to bear, getting hungrier than hungry every 2-3 hours, and from what seemed to be she who doesn’t sweat even when she runs; my sweat glads has been activated and metabolism charged.

Come fourth week, the adverse weight loss started to be evident. What went wrong? gave in to the erratic hunger which made me eat more sweets, and a full cup of white rice (I used to finish only half). my cheeks are rounder again, my arms plumper and the apparent protruding belly was hard not to notice. Ah, I wasn’t abruptly that ready for that kind of change. These are the kind of change you get to learn from everyday contentious practice; you’re left with no choice but adopt to change and recognize change. The cure? fight the erratic hunger and train the appetite to portion control.

Together with few of the awesome challengers with Ginger Diaz

Along the way I learned that though you burn around 919 calories for a 135 lbs woman to a 1,500 calories full figured woman in 90 minutes, sweat itself won’t let you lose the weight. As much as the stretch is good for our mobility and flexibility, muscles should be activated and worked-out on to avoid loose skin,  be mindful of the food you eat in order to boost that metabolism.

Bikram Yoga certainly will blend well together with Curves Circuit Training.

courtesy: Maricel Sarte

There’s more for me to share about Bikram yoga but for now, this recap serves as my gratitude to change and the kind of commitment BYA has lead us. Congratulations to all 30 days challengers who survived it strong and proud! The graduation made me terribly bad not fulfilling the entire challenge but if you ask me, Will I do it again? definitely and this time, I will conquer the entire 30 days of it.


Bikram Yoga Alabang
Commerce Bldg.
Festival Alabang


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