Bikram Yoga Challenge: Hump Week!

The third week isn’t nearly on it’s end yet but we’re somewhat closer to the goal — 30 days in the hot chamber, 30 days of waking up really early and 30 days of getting to know your body as well as fighting over your working schedule but it seems like the more you’re closer to the goal, the more all these struggles hops into the scenario.

7 days, that sounds like an entire week missed throughout the challenge. As I reviewed the challengers board, I couldn’t help but partly be mad on myself for committing and yet wasn’t able to comply fully but along the mind-struggling thoughts, I figured, I haven’t been this committed on something as dreadful as this – as I stare through the studio, walked in as I start to feel the humidity on my skin and settled for savasana while waiting for the class to begin.

Why did I miss 7 days? reviewed through the reasons, although most are considerably because of engagements far up north, the rest were because I felt the sore the next day,couldn’t barely get up or ran out of clothes. Lame. what a lame excuse and yes, knowing it’s categorized as an excuse, I am partly unforgiving.

Today, I woke up earlier; packed my stuff for practice and figured to sneak in a post to calm myself from the huge 7 that I’m about to see when I arrive the studio. I would need to figure out and hear it from my BYA instructors on why I’ve been hungrier than usual ( imagine getting extremely hungry every 2-3 hours ) and if I’m allowed to eat cake, kidding.

Bruno Mars “The Lazy Song” as my ringtone during weekends ain’t helping at all. Switch.

We’re about to cap the challenge in a few days but I can’t help but feel saddened knowing It’s the end of my assignment and a little relieved that I have survived.

Will I be on for another 30 days challenge? ask me again, later.


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