CloudSurfer on the road?

When I first heard about the CloudSurfer, as a surfing enthusiast, I thought about the ocean filled with surfers in the line-up plus awesome party wave joint together on a high, stoked and couldn’t get enough session out under the sun; but when Chris Sports Marketing Manager Arleen Lindo mentioned and described the CloudSurfer as “light, agile and transfers energy into forward momentum.” I got confused. ” So, Wait, this isn’t a surf board or is it? ” I asked. She responded ” Oh, no! not a surf board [although it would be nice if we finally have few] it’s a running shoe! Run light and fast. What else could it be? It’s one of our new additions – Running Shoes called On- ”

I’m ON for the road test especially knowing this shoes has “surf” and “running” covered all over it. Will it be best used on the road or perform better on the treadmill? It does remind me of our REEBOK Zigtech shoes. Is this the new trend? strange looking soles, the better?

This On CloudTec™ claims its patented sensation of running like clouds. Will this pair actually perform as promised? Would it actually make me “unleash speed” ? We’ve yet to know, let’s see when it gets here.

What about you, Have you heard of the ON?


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