Types of People

After 3 years, one of my best friends and I were able to get together for lunch. A little Tate-a-Tate updated each other and settled few realizations. It was disappointing and frustrating knowing we aren’t in touch with few of our common friends anymore. Change is inevitable including friendships; We couldn’t help but to rationalize and “just leave it at that”.

There are 4 types of people in the world:

1. Must be Right

These are the type of people who knows everything, those who thinks their education equipped them well that they can’t be movers or shakers anymore because they already know everything, closed minded and all set.

2. Comfortable

These are people who are happy to be laid back and well situated to their disposition. Those who doesn’t want to be caught in scenarios that would require extra effort to be expelled. Unmoved and don’t want an inch of uncomfortableness even though they get left behind by the upgrades of the real world. Classics.

3. Liked

These are those who needs validation or encapsulate themselves with people and try to please as much by just blending in and refuse to stand on their own two feet, to take a stand on opinions. They rely in approval, agree on gossips just to mesh with others; needs validation all the time.


People who are go-getters. They’re the type who doesnt mind if they fall for they fail forward instead. Learns, open for learning and would stand up for what they believe in, go for what they want and work on achieving their goals. These are those who aren’t afraid to commit, dedicate and reviews their goals.

So, which one are you?


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