30 DAYS BIKRAM YOGA UPDATE: Lessons learned and then some

What did I get myself into? Although I knew what I was going for, years of not being in the hot room definitely made us strangers again. It’s my first time to commit on a 30 days challenge which requires my entire physique, mentality and emotions to be in a chamber with fellow admirable yogi’s and yogini’s.

Here are few lessons I’ve learned so far during the first 10 days in the practice:

 Time Management

Thought you’ve mustered it already? it’ll keep on challenging you everyday. This is where your dedication, motivation and commitment lies. Not a morning person? you strive to get up and head to Bikram Yoga Alabang to ensure you’ve already done one of the most important item on your to do list ” Bikram Yoga Me time”

Hydration, Party time!

12 glasses of water or a glass every each hour aren’t enough if you’re in this practice, much worst you’d have to bid farewell to caffein, soda and alcohol as you don’t want your body dehydrate and make you feel woozy during practice. How would you know if you’re hydrated enough? your urine should be crystal clear. Once you’ve achieved the hydrated stage, you will need to gulp some more, juices and shakes aren’t considered.

Your weight / 2 = ounces of water you should have in a day

You’ll crave for more water than sweets! Amazing, eh?


When our instructor, Omar of Bikram Yoga Alabang mentioned during the short interview I had with him, he said ” Yoga forces you to sleep. It will want you have 7-8 hours of sleep ” somehow it made me felt delighted that I get to sleep earlier or get back with my 10pm bed time.

When your body is exhausted and not well rested, the hot room definitely will teach you lessons over and over again until you finally understood that lesson.


Not only to your body but also to your surroundings. You’ll cherish what fresh air means and cleaner environment. There’s tons of realizations you’ll encounter during each practice and though the asanas (postures) are the same, every day is another day, a different day. You’ll find Yogi’s are optimistic, cheerful and carries a positive outlook. Wouldn’t be grand if everyone blends naturally and coexist?

Thought you had enough dry fit clothes

Guess not. 30 days challenge is like getting up and going to work minus the rush hour. You get to consider the number of towels you have, tank tops, bikini tops & bottoms. You’ll find yourself giving importance on taking good care of that neglected or taken for granted yoga mat, too.

You want change?

The key is to be comfortable to the uncomfortable, gradually. While other sports cover endurance, agility and strength; Bikram yoga captures all plus mobility and flexibility.

The 30 days challenge is still on-going. You may still catch up and join us!

Photo Courtesy: Bikram Yoga Alabang


Bikram Yoga Alabang
Commerce Bldg.
Filinvest Alabang, Muntinlupa


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