Celebrate with TEAM REEBOK on August 6

I have been stressing how I’ll celebrate my birthday each year.

My 25th was celebrated in Cebu together with the girls and we twirled around metro as we witnessed and celebrated our friend’s wedding. During my 26th, blessings poured in when a colleague offered a FORD EVERST for me to test drive for a week together with my friends and more blessing came when FONTANA gave me  a 2 nights, 3 days stay gate-away; we ran, swam, slept, ate a lot and went out for surfing! It was also a weekend which made me conquer the fear of driving in the country.

This year although I booked a flight to Palawan for my own Eat,Pray,Love retreat; I decided to have it rebooked and celebrate instead with TEAM REEBOK – the team who breathe an active lifestyle with passion above interests and all of you who has been supporting us together with the brand. The entire year has been a huge milestone of change for me since the day I got myself self-employed. Team Reebok opened more opportunities along the way.  Lifestyle change brought me to this disposition hence together with the PARTY WIZARDS BIZ, we’re extending our gratitude by celebrating and helping the beneficiaries which we’ve helped together as a group, as a team.

Let’s pay it forward, shall we?

  • VISAYAN Forum – Philippine-based NGO recognized for its groundbreaking work for the empowerment of vulnerable migrants, particularly victims of human trafficking through social movements. Clothes are well appreciated, the men and women will endlessly thank you and it will definitely clothe them with warmth.
  • LIFELINE Foundation – non-stock, non-government organization dedicated to the relief of the oppressed and victim-minded. Donate few baby clothes for their upcoming outreach and missions, you’ll get to help not just babies but mothers in need too!
  • JeepneED – This is a green mobile science and technology lab for rural school in the Philippines.They needs 50 liters a week to run – donate your veggie oil cutting our carbon emissions by up to 50% AND support education!
Aside from the run, spectators and those who would want to dance, dance, and dance may join the party through our fun and fit, ZUMBA Certified Fitness Instructors Via Bonoan and Rowena Aquino. Early morning stretching will be lead by the beautiful women of  Curves International, too!

Zumba with Ria and Rowena

We’re excited! You may register online and they’ll have the kit sent to your address or you may also head to all Reebok registration sites and other partners by July 11, 2011.
You and your sweetheart/friend might be the one who’ll celebrate a fantabolous time in MISIBIS BAY, Your Luxurious Playground in Cagraray Island, Bicol!

Yadu Bags

Remember my previous post about my new adorable  Bhakti yoga mat bag made by Yadu? It was such a lovely news when we were told that they would like to partake in the celebration!
Likewise, quoting their mission, “We want to awaken each person present to the stories they themselves are living out. To revel and relish even the smallest patches of experience, to see the beauty in the contrast of one pattern of thought against another, and to knit these together.”
Such an honor. Thank you, Yadu!
There will be more surprises! We are truly grateful. Every runner has their own story and these stories still kept on having new chapters in. We dearly hope we get to celebrate with you on August 6!

4 thoughts on “Celebrate with TEAM REEBOK on August 6

  1. Regina Patelo says:

    Kassuy, I like this part “In Exchange for 2 Liters of VEGETABLE OIL, CLOTHES to donate and/or Baby items we’ll be giving 20% discount on your registration fee!”

    Where do i donate the items in exchange for the discount on the registration??

    Let me know!

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