Are you ready for the 30 days Challenge?

Last year, Bikram Choudury visited Manila for an intimate talk with fellow yogi’s. More than a hundred men and women listened attentively to every words of wisdom shared and thoughts were exchanged.

A demanding series of 26 POSTURES and 2 BREATHING EXERCISES formulated by Bikram Choudhury based on Hatha Yoga on a heated studio facilitating deeper stretching and injury prevention, while reducing stress and tension.

College has passed, few months and years hopping from one after another employers; here I am about to head back to the Bikram Yoga Practice through the 30 days Challenge.

Join me as I get reintroduced to the asanas (practice) of Bikram Yoga and share my reflections about the benefits and changes I’ll learn along the way not just for the body but for over all wellness.

My Yoga mat will be happily placed back in a studio, comfortably get to try out my Reebok apparel in the hot room and get to use my Yadu Bhakti yoga bag.

Bikram Yoga Alabang
Commerce Center
FIlinvest, Ayala Alabang

Bhakti Yoga Bag by Yadu Php 1,1950 at The Collective


3 thoughts on “Are you ready for the 30 days Challenge?

    • Just Kas | Runaholic says:

      You have to hydrate, hydrate, hydrate 🙂 and of course, proper nutrition. it becomes really difficult at first but it actually helps you to sleep early, take care of your body and understand your body more 🙂

      Go for it! 🙂

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