Portion Control : No Calorie Counting

Practice what you preach.

I have been facilitating a wellness lifestyle program for the administrative employees of Philippine Wacoal. A proud facilitator; gradually they were able to change their lifestyle from the sedentary to braving their first 5km time trial. Alongside, the confidence they gained were priceless.

It’s just a matter of choosing to be healthy and aiming to live longer for their kids and loved ones, they said.

One of those (challenging) practices which we’ve been dedicating into is our food portion control. Because we don’t advocate calorie counting and going on a diet, we’re looking at our servings and how many small meals we consume everyday.

I’m not asking them to become pesco-vegetarian or transform themselves as vegans but what we’re trying to live by is to enjoy every bite and every food served in front of us. It’s all about potion control and food choices. Go for the Grill not the deep fried, go for the fruits rather than the chips.

Change doesn’t happen magically overnight nor in a week. It has to happen gradually and it takes time. Once it becomes a habit, once it becomes innate — you need not to worry about your food intake, the size of your jeans and if what wonder pill do you have to take to lose weight.

The long route is always the best route to get to the destination. Everyone are into the easier path but life is not measured, so why go for the shorter route? would you want your life to take the shorter course too?

I’m together with the rest of the population who’s trying to lose the bulges and wants to get healthy, not just for the apparel and photographs but also for the longevity of life. It’s been a long 2.5 years but I sure can view the destination from here. I’m going to get there. I’ll be there. Would you want to join me?

Get active, head out there and discover the kind of exercise and movement you think you can do everyday. Exercise. Getting healthy will never be a fad, it’s a fact of life that we need — take good care of your body and you will thank yourself after.


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