New York Marathon Training: 12 Weeks Gradual Training

After Iba, Zambales Beach Fun run held last Sunday, finishing a 10k route in 1:12 made me felt a tad bad for being part of the last pack. Sure, the ambulance and all the men riding a motocross felt as if I was a running celebrity who needed all the bodyguards on the side placed me in a realization spot wherein I knew I had to get out of my comfort zone in order to train well.

But the route was a kilometer short.

I barely had walking breaks which was a feat since I haven’t gone as far as 5km without any. I realized it’s all about the rhythm, you have to follow the beat and be in your running form until the end of the race. I was running in an average of  8:33/km


1] 07:40/km        6]  50:56

2] 15:56/km         7] 59: 36

3] 25:04                8] 01″ 07: 50

4] 33:49                9] 01:12:34

5] 42:22                10] a kilometer short.

I had to review my goals. I checked through my ING New York Marathon Profile and saw that my goal was to finish the marathon in 5:30 since I was able to finish Standard Chartered Marathon in 6 hours +. I still have ample time to train and while I still have it, I’ve got to work on improving my body fat percentage to weigh less and get to work on consistency and diligence.

Although Circuit Training at Curves supports me to strengthen and work out on my upper body with their hydraulic machines, I still need more leg work and bursting circuits to improve.  Hence I’m posting my initial 12 weeks training to get me out of the comfort zone gradually to prepare for the next 12-18 weeks marathon training.

12 Weeks Initial Training

I have to strategize work and training. With the help of Team Reebok and all my fitness enthusiast friends, together, we can.

Update: Currently waiting for my new passport, a requisite for the US Visa renewal. Until then, I will be able to declare that I’ll be running for a cause for JeepneED.


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