Zigtech Run

“Pain is temporary, but quitting lasts forever.” – Lance Armstrong

Rain pouring outside my window, a cup of hot cocoa,enveloped by comforters; an engaging book and get to write thoughts.

The Zigtech run passed and I haven’t posted the event race recap. Frankly I thought I’d rock it but apparently it wasn’t much of a happy run for me. Weeks of Circuit training at Curves, Zumba sessions and lost few body fat percentage; the ladies at Curves noticed the dedication I gave in each station in preparation for Reebok’s run but what went wrong?

2 hours and 10 minutes after. I wasn’t on my happy state.

I was 10 minutes shy my PR during the 16km run during Run 4 Life, I could’ve finished that 15k for an hour-thirty but instead, together with my teammate who was suffering from fever joined me walk and ran the distance, laughed and talked about our training plans and studied through my cadences and leg work. Looks like circuit training alone and interval training wasn’t working very well for me hence it’s time to bring back the mileage muscle training and then incorporate circuit training rather than doing more strengthening than mileage endurance.

I’m considering hoping back to the hamster training. Yes, the dreadmill while watching The Biggest Loser, Oprah’s reruns and get to use Virtual Active’s 3D trails.

Two marathons after, here I am again training for my dream marathon — ING New York Marathon. I’ve been having second thoughts if I should still run it but remembering the tears of joy I cried, the joyous elated feeling I had as soon as I found out I was one of the lucky few who got in the lottery (plus daydreaming of that fat chance meeting Ryan Reynolds), Quitting is NEVER going to be an option.

Zigtech Run Race Review

Organizers:  Pepsquad Events

  • Less than 2,000 runners registrants which means an intimate fun run
  • low registration fee
  • There were people who picked up the cups used after, there were people who was offering to get the cups from the runners after they ran away from the water station
  • Vertical road run race, something new than the usual pavement runs.
  • No frills loot bags, pure fun and basic essentials given by Reebok ( Cap or Water Bottles , PAU Muscle Reliever )
  • Food Caterer : The Plaza / Go Gourmet  fit for the after race nutritional needs
  • Cold water every 1.5 – 2.0 km in long tables
  • Basic infrared Timing Chip
  • Safe Baggage area and resting tents
  • Started exactly the announced adjusted time
Room for Improvement:
  • More water for the last stretch
  • There should’ve been no starting time adjustment or if ever should’ve been announced during the afternoon not night.
  • Use recyclable cups instead of plastic cups
Congratulations Pepsquad Events, You’re improving in every each race!

The Reebok Zigtech Run was in lieu for the launch of the new Zigtech shoes and apparel. Scaling the kalayaan fly-over and running 5 ramps at the CVC Tower, it sure was something new to conquer than the usual pavements. Although this race didn’t include stairs (as originally planned) , the hilly run inside the building sure was a challenge in terms of breathing due to the ventilation; but would do more ramps if we were given a chance.

We were thinking it would’ve been nicer if the vertical aspect of the run was placed in the middle of the route but then again, the challenge was to conquer  — thank God there was a water station just right outside the building before and after you hit the ramps. Ushers were cheering and shouting “Breathe easy! hinga na!

Since there were only less than 30 of us who ran the 15km distance. I appreciate the marshall riding the scooter who brought a tall bottle of water and soaked us not to overheat from the glazing sun; albeit we were saying we’re alright and taking time since we’re nearly at the finish line, the marshall went ahead but made sure he’ll see us ready to offer water should we feel we need to hydrate.

Thank you to Philippine Wacoal team for being my cheer leaders as I sprint my way towards the finish line and my team mates for being such crazy bunch who never fail to cheer me up. I guess I’d have to level up and be competitive not just for myself but also for that damn timing clock!

Next stop, Mizuno Run and ZAMBALES this weekend!

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