Runners you need to UNBURN

Summer is up in the United States while in Manila the rainy season has started to pour in. Everybody knows the importance of SPF but for those who are active, not just in running ( also in Surfing ) the importance of SPF is in need for those who are always out and about.

With the beautiful weather upon us, it is time to take our runs outside. There is nothing better than long, outdoor workouts, but it is important to remember to protect your skin. We’ve all had the sports bra, sock and shorts tans; it is just something we accept as athletes, but when you forget to apply your sunscreen before heading outside to sweat, you can come back red and raw. For those times, Water-Jel Technologies has developed UnBurn, emergency sunburn care.

All you want is relief when your skin is hot and burned, and UnBurn does just the trick. Utilizing a vast knowledge of emergency burn care, Water-Jel has formulated UnBurn for the specific treatment of sunburns. This Vitamin E-enriched, water-based gel with 2.5% Lidocaine works quickly to relieve the pain of sunburn. UnBurn immediately cools and soothes the skin while its moisture-rich Vitamin E formula with Aloe helps prevent peeling. Forget just putting Aloe Vera on your skin, UnBurn will do so much more so you can get straight back outside and run!

UnBurn retails for $4.99.

Because Water-Jel loves us, I have partnered with Water-Jel to give away few Unburn, emergency care lotion to my active lifestyle readers and twitter friends.  You may either leave a comment below or send me a message via twitter (@runaholickassy) your home address.

Let me know how it worked for you! 🙂

[edit] Sending the love to  ALICIA AMBROSO and ROW WALLEN 


3 thoughts on “Runners you need to UNBURN

  1. kginth says:

    I’d love to try unburn! I have been getting fried out here on the Carolina Coast running and surfing. Hope I get to try it.
    17 lookout harbor way
    Wrightsville Beach NC 28480

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