Active Lifestyle Essentials

When I started running all that I knew I had to have was a pair of running shoes, comfortable socks, a sweat shirt and my ever reliable running shorts which I’ve been using since Track & Field days. Soon as my runs went as often as twice to thrice a week to five, six times with the frequent visits at the gym for cycling, yoga and cross training; the essentials has increased and varied according to its need.

Wearing the right shoe, apparel and gadgets makes a whole difference in every work out. I actually live and work with my Reebok’s on, it sure fits my active lifestyle. Here’s a list of my essentials:

1. Reebok Zig Nano & Zig Glam ( For Running ) 2. Reebok Womens DMX Ride Trend Low ( for Curves & Zumba )

3. Reebok EasyTone Sneakers ( For Walking, Leg Work )

4. Spenco Polysorb YUMI toe post

( For Recovery and FlipFlop days )

5. Reebok Easytone Apparel 6. Reebok Cirque de Soleil Apparel & Casual Apparel

7.  Garmin Forerunner 305

bought this baby with my hard earned savings on November 30, 2010 for Standard Chartered Marathon

8. Fury Shades & Phiten

Special shout out to Katol of Ungo Runners Cebu for the surprise gift!

9. TRX Fitness Anywhere SuperVisor by Headsweats & Reebok Cap

Shout out to Tracy of TRX Fitness Anywhere San Francisco, CA for sending me these fabulous helpful SuperVisor Headsweats and Race Cap.  Thanks to Tricky also for his lucky red Reebok Cap.

10. Hydration / Fuel Belt
11. Supplements : Vital Code Alpha Women, Ole Olive Leaf Extract, Health Options L-Carnitine

12. Pocari Sweat

My Aunt has been sending me tons of Pocari from Japan even before it reached Manila. It has been a huge factor whenever I need to aid myself from fever and fatigue. I’m a fan of the Pocari Sport.

Aside from these things, SLEEP is the most essential amongst all. COLD BATH and Chocolate drinks post race and proper nutrition. These things give comfort during a workout and courses through the day but nothing beats the lifstyle change of taking good care of yourself everyday from the food you eat until the amount of sleep you bank each day.

What about you, What’s on your Active Lifestyle essentials list? I’ll tell you more about these essentials soon!

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