Tiger Tail Rolling Muscle Massager

Tiger Tail

Massages and Spas are part of my guilty pleasures list but it each session comes with a price. After cheering on the second batch of The Bull Runner Dream Marathoners, this Tiger Tail Rolling Muscle Massager became one of my favorite discovery, it also helped me relax and recover that day since I was sick and suffering from back pain.

If you’re physically active, you know muscle aches and pain.

Interviewed the men manning the aid station, they informed me that this low-tech Tiger Tail Rolling Muscle Massager tool can help your body by promoting good blood circulation and lactic acid removal. I thought it was only for your sore hamstrings and calves but apparently it worked well on my back,too!

The stick, which comes in 18″ and 22″ lengths, features grooved soft rubber handles that are easy to grip. But the real innovation is a soft foam roller positioned between the two handles. The roller travels over skin without abrasion. This makes it more comfortable to pull firmly against the area that needs work.

Now that I have my own Tiger Tail Rolling Muscle Massager, I can lessen my massage session (save tons of money!) and relieve my leg muscles after a long run or hard training. It comes in handy, you may take it anywhere with you.

I hope they make a flexible Tiger Trail Rolling Muscle Massager that can bend easily to massage the sides of your body, too.

Chris Sports

Tiger Tail Rolling Muscle Massager are available nationwide, check out Chris Sports


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