Qplus: Ole’ Olive leaf Extract

For somebody who depends on herself when it comes to workload and fieldwork, one can’t afford to get sick or pile deliverables on the wait list. If you’re also health conscientious, you should know that although we supplement ourselves with Vitamin C and secrete the excess of what we take in, these synthetic supplements harm our kidney and liver causing gall stones, clog our intestines, and harm our body more than how it’s supposed to protect it.

Ole’ Olive Leaf Extract exclusively available from Qnet (Qplus)  changed everything. I threw all the other bottles of Vitamin C.

Because our immune system works hard to protect our body from disease and illness, we must also supplement it with the right products. The natural properties of Ole’ , carefully picked and grown in Queensland Australia has 400% or 5x more anti-oxidant power than vitamin C.

This product just saved me from having another terrible episode of flu.  Ole’ surely fought together with my immune system and made me feel better in a span of hours — yes, hours, not days.

If you would want to have a bottle of Ole Olive Leaf Extract, you may comment below and I’ll message you on how you may avail this amazing product which helped me fight against colds and flu; I heard it does tons of wonders to tonsillitis and sore throat. WIth this kind of weather we’re currently experiencing? We all definitely need Ole.