If you can skip the shoes – Go Barefoot!

Most shoes are simply devices for withering the foot. Take these ‘plaster casts’ off and spring again  like a child. This excellent book will show you how!” – John Bryant, Former Coach to Olympic Champion ( & Barefoot Runner) Zola Budd.

This is a useful, important and delightful book for anyone interested in running barefoot or in minimal shoes. Richards and Hollowell cover absolutely everything you need to know about form, training, how toprevent injury, and how to get the most out of your running. This is one of those books that you will use over and over.” – Dan Lieberman, Professor of Eveolutionary Biology, Harvard University

Despite a hefty price tag, even the most extensive running shoe is not proven to decrease injury rates or improve distance-running performance. Many runners give up on the sport before ever really discovering its joy, while others struggle on until getting a diagnosis such as shin splints, runners’ knee, Achilles tendonitis, or plantar fascitis. For 30 years, these runners have been told their only hope of salvation is an expensive shoe, until now. The barefoot running and minimalist-footwear revolution is here and it is turning the world of running on its feet.

The Complete Idiot’s Guide to barefoot Running will help runners put the spring back in their step by providing expert advice on how to:

  • Successfully transition to barefoot running
  • Build super strong feet and pads
  • Develop natural running form
  • Use “barefoot” running shoes
  • Enhance training and mindfulness
  • Rediscover primitive strengths
  • Reduce injury by listening to the feet and body
  • Reach goals and race better than ever
Also included is coverage about the science and mechanics of barefoot running, the role of “bare” nutrition, and training lans for short-distance to ultra-endurance athletes.

The Authors, Dr. Craig Richards (Raworth, Australia) is internationally recognized as a leading expert of the western world’s barefoot running revolution. A medical doctor and keen runner, Richards began running barefoot in 1998 after recurrent injuries led him to hypnothesize that his suppose topnotch running shoes might be responsible. This led to a period of successful experimentation where Richards rediscovered the joys and the injury prevention benefits of barefoot running for himself. In 2002, he co-designed and patented the first “barefoot” running shoe of the modern era, appropriately called the Barefoot on Grass. In 2008, he released a landmark paper that laid out the complete lack of scientific evidence to support the ongoing use of heavily cushioned running shoes with anti-pronation features tailored to foot type. His work has been widely reported in newspapers such as the New York Times, Washington Post, and London’s Daily Mail, in magazines such as Running Times and Popular Mechanics, as well as in the recent best-selling book, Born to Run.

Thomas Hollowell (Perrysville, INd.) is a full-time author, USAT tri-athlete, prminent barefoot runner, and a running coach for a university triathlon club abroad. He is the founder of Barefoot-Running.us, an acclaimed blog dedicated to natural and minimalist running. His features and columns have appeared in notable publications and media outlets worldwide (http://www.barefoot-running.us)

For those of you who wants to know more about barefoot running or made the switch to advocating the minimalist, you may stay current with The Complete Idiot’s Guide using http://idiotsguidesblog.com or follow their twitter handle: @IdiotsGides, @CIG_Food, @CIG_Health and @CIG_lifestyle

There are minimalists shoes available in the Philippine market which you may want to consider to strengthen those calves, correct that running form and avoid common injuries caused by expensive shoes or the wrong fit such as Vibram Five Fingers.

Once you’ve chosen the barefoot path less traveled, you’ll definitely reap the reward that a careful transition will bring. I’m a testimony on how much these minimalist shoes and walking barefoot or exercising even a jog in place at home in barefoot makes a huge difference to your feet.

You may find my Vibram Five Fingers Review on Running Here and know more about Vibram Five Fingers Here or get to order The Complete Idiot’s Guide on Barefoot Running through Alpha Books, a member of Penguin Group (USA) Inc. for $18.95 or Amazon.

Happy Anniversary Vibram Five Fingers!


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