Welcoming the 8 Weeks Program

You can do anything for 8 weeks. Yes, You Can!

Congratulations on setting such great goals and making some for YOURSELF. Making a lifestyle change is difficult BUT it’s possible. You just made it to the very first step towards getting healthy in and out. Tomorrow starts TODAY.

Are you ready? Bet you are!

Milestones & Rewards

Everyday is an opportunity for change and improvement but having to succeed one short-term goal after another is a milestone one should be PROUD of. Allow rewarding yourself on something that will reflect the success you accomplished. Whether it’s a new tumbler for your 12 glasses of water a day requirement intake or a new haircut; Go ahead, You deserve it!

                Time is Gold!

          … and so are you. Every minute counts. How are you

        going to spend each second, each minute of your day?

        Allot time for yourself, either before you prepare for

       work engagements or after each shift. You’ll be

       surprised what 10 or 30 minutes can do not just for

        your body but overall.

jpegYour Life’s Departments

Every company has its own designated departments, their own specialties but when it comes to the YOUR LIFE, all these departments are injected. You can’t hire other people to take good care of YOU hence you only have nobody else but YOU.

When are you going to take good care of YOUR departments? NOW is the time. Love yourself.

 Every step counts

You’ll be surprised on how positive and engaging you are to possibilities and opportunities. Overall wellness just doesn’t entail the physical energy but also your surroundings. Together you’ll be able to set a positive environment; less stress, great team, positive you.

If you’re interested on having your own company 8 weeks wellness programs, please don’t hesitate to contact us through facebook Team Reebok Running , message us on twitter @reebokph, drop a comment below or shoot me an email wellness[at]kas-events[dot]com


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