Declaration of Love and Causes

Again, I am inspired by this man named Ryan Reynolds. Words can be too clumsy If I declare my love; I would’ve but I won’t and I don’t think I will be able to – ever.

This video was posted sometime last year in New Orleans. Reynolds shared his thoughts on the Gulf oil disaster and how much he’d want to support the campaign. He wanted to be part of change, campaign to save lives, for clean energy and a green economy.

I was contemplating through New York Marathon and finally settled on running for a cause. It’s official, I am dedicating my training runs and my ultimate dream marathon for JeepneED, a community-driven, sustainable, in-school support mobile redesigned jeepney science technology laboratory for the local schools in the Philippines that runs on used vegetable oil.

Just like Ryan Reynolds, I choose and fell for JeepneED because of their spirit for the people and using a redesigned eco-friendly jeepney because of the love for our country’s art, tradition, culture and believe that we can do so much more – somebody just have to do something about it and get to let everyone aware that it is one of those many educational tools our local schools need in order to teach science more as much as we advocate teaching English as our second language.


If the voice is loud enough, one jeepney which costs about 600,000, 50 liters of Vegetable Oil and passionate science advocates will be able to roam around different schools to supplement their science lessons to a laboratory session.

Reynolds who’s devastated to the huge oil spill which will be difficult to clean and the collateral of people who lost their jobs and welfare, I am devastated by these other people who thinks that JeepneED is competition to those others who’s doing the same instead of thinking that JeepneED is one of them with the same vision,  enlivening their mission.

“[we] can create an entirely new economy, something that is lasting. any way that can change the world” Education is the key for almost everything that surrounds us, awareness and solution is what needs to be do done.

On March 24, 2011 the campaign for JeepneED was launched during the very first twestival in Manila,Philippines held at Le Bistro Vert, Makati and received Php 40,000 from the attendees of the event.

If we all can spare few amount of money for a cup of frappucino, taxi cab fare or high registration fun run fees, why not dedicate for  Jeepneed and help fuel their trips to locations for education of children, this way, we can help more.

How can you help? for now, you may deposit through PAYPAL. I will be posting more about JeepneED and New York Marathon and update my training logs and schedule for your reference. I strive to survive and finish another marathon on November 6, 2011 preparing not just physically but also financially. It’s going to be a long shot but this cause is motivating me that I can and I will get there for JeepneED, my dream and Okay, I have to admit – Ryan Reynolds, too.