Time is your friend, RUN IT

We all are busy. A 9-5 job, a school schedule to fit, kids to help assignments with, cooking for the family, feeding the dog and then training to top it all off can sometimes be a bit overwhelming not forget knowing it includes sweating and an addition to use what is left in your energy. How do you get to squeeze training in a whirlwind schedule? Sit down on it and plan it. Extra short runs will keep you going, come race day, you will appreciate all the training you managed to fit into your hectic schedule. If ultra-marathoners and triathletes were able to train for hundred milers, what makes you different?

Here are some tips to help you find time to go for a run, a swim or a bike ride out for a route even if it’s only 20 or 30 minutes.

1. Time Management

Write out a schedule. When you have written out the plan, you are much more likely to follow it than it’s just a though hanging on top of your head. Post the schedule everywhere. Broadcast it for the world to know through a blog, put a copy on your desk, another near your dresser, on your door, purse or gym bag and even in your car if you must. Constant reminders are effective – it’s just up to you on how you’ll reciprocate. Forgetting is close to impossible, it’s now your turn to act on it.

2. Visibility

Keep your running shoes and clothes in your car at all times. You wouldn’t know when time suddenly permits you to head out for a gym visit or get blessed to take a route out in the park. Every so often you get a short window of time at lunch, a sudden cancelled meeting or when you’re through with the day early. If you have your gears with you at all times, all you have to do is change those outfit, kick those stilettos and get out there.

3. Essentials

Not only your running shoes but also baby wipes, extra clothing and your comfortable flip flops. When the sudden meeting buzz your blackberry after you fit in a run, no one else has to know about the sweat you just broke in. You’re ready for any battle.

4. Wake-up Motivation

The cliche’ goes – Wake up a little earlier than normal. The most difficult thing to do especially those who struggle to get up on their beds every single morning but getting a run before work is one of the most stress relieving activities, it also helps you elevate endorphins for more energy and focus. Once you’ve done the early morning route, you need not to worry all day if you’ll be able to fit in a run after work. What a way to tick-off an important engagement for yourself early in the morning, right? Achievement! Success!

5. Tag another one

If you’re the type who’s into a lifestyle change and needs a little motivational push. Tagging or being with another friend would work tons of wonders. Make plans to meet a friend for a run, treat it as an important meeting and canceling it off is not an option. Make yourself accountable to someone other than just yourself, that’ll be difficult to bail. That’ll be fun, too!

Oops, Gotta run!


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