Is it time to replace those pair of rubber shoes?

It’s difficult to know when exactly it is necessary to replace those pair of rubber shoes. Others seem to struggle letting go of their favorite pair especially when it doesn’t seem to work for their foot anymore. Somewhere in the blog-o-sphere stated that you’d have to replace those pair every six months, others say to every 300 to 500 miles and others would say, soon as a new technologically designed shoes come out ( which is almost every month). When should one get a new pair of kicks? How will you determine which shoes? There’s just too many options nowadays from the well cushioned to the minimalists.

Those advices may come out right but in my opinion, every person is different from one another. Every foot is different from another. You can’t just base the next pair you’re going to get just because it looks good on your favorite celebrity or just because that running coach is using it. There is no magic number of months or miles where your shoes just all apart when you go to put them on.

Here are some tips before you buy another expensive pair:

1. Have that Gait checked

You will be able to find that special treadmill like equipment – Podoscope, which uses two combined features: a thermodynamic scanning system for viewing the Footprint and direct measurement of foot and arch dimensions which determine your foot type, gait analysis and check on the pronation angle of your foot. They’ll be able to help determine what kind of shoes you’d need to get – no, not the brand but the type your feet falls under to and then see which brand you may choose over to. Get to know if your feet needs more cushioning, a stabilized pair or you should run on a neutral designed pair.

There’s RUNNR located at BGC and A Running Circle (ARC) on Roxas Boulevard cor. Quirino Avenue, Malate.

2.  Style AND Comfort

Don’t just go for the cuteness of the shoes but go for what it’s truly made for – comfort. See to it that you get to walk with the pair around the store before deciding and slashing your pocket. Leave a half inch space for your foot, too.

3.  Weigh it

Go for its supreme flexibility on a lightweight, well cushioned sole. You wouldn’t want to risk yourself to injuries just because your shoes are carrying unnecessary weight.

Reebok has the new Zig tech shoes which absorbs the heel strike impact and rebounds that energy horizontally along the length of the shoes pushing you forward with each step.  It’s easy on your knees, it reduces the shin splints,too!

4. Quality & Durability

Check on its less wear and tear fabric. Don’t hesitate to buy an ORIGINAL pair than those imitated ones. you wouldn’t want to be frugal on the shoes now but expel more medical bills or risking yourself on not being able to run or damage your knees just because you were trying to cut costs.

The amount of time you have had your pair is probably the worst way to decide when a pair of shoes needs retiring. Again, it’s different from the amount of mileage others get to run one from the amount you log in. Determine if replacement is due through its performance. It’s safer to look at the 300 to 500 miles range and if you can feel the lack of support and cushioning in your shoes. If you pronate a lot and your shoes are showing wear on the tread – Go for it, get a new pair.


4 thoughts on “Is it time to replace those pair of rubber shoes?

  1. Dess says:

    I really need to buy new pair of rubber shoes…I think I got my sprain from a not so reliable shoes.. 🙂 Just waiting for the sale..hehe

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