NY Marathon Training: The Beginning

Since The ING New York Marathon came into the picture, my previous training runs needs to be revamped in preparation for an entire marathon than settling on a pikermi as the longest distance I’ll conquer this year.

Change truly is inevitable and all these happened for a reason.

This week is all about getting back on track. I have until June to endure and until October to strengthen before the actual marathon week hops in. I also have to consider all the adaptation and adjustment since the weather in Manila is completely different from the weather I’ll be facing on November … but let me take good care of that when all the renewal paperwork has been settled.
Duration: 30 April- 7 May
Sun Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri Sat Sun
REST Zumba/5km XT 3km XT Zumba/5k XT 8km

This week is all about easy runs towards the transition period. Incorporating circuit training at Curves, Zumba and TRX Fitness Anywhere and nutrition wellness guidance of my friends from far california, Katrina and Karena of Tone It Up.

One can never train alone. Running is not a lone sport hence I would like to acknowledge Team Reebok and my boyfriend for pouring out all the motivational, encouraging and inspirational boost today and in the future.

SPENCO Insoles: Medical Foot Care products for the Yumi Flip Flops for its orthotic-quality arch and heel support. The superior impact cushioning and motion control definitely help reduce my reoccurring pronation and supination plus prevention from plantar fasciitis. Your feet needs instant comfort and rejuvenation after training,right?

Let’s do this!


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