ING New York City Marathon : DON’T STOP Believing

April 28, 2011, Midnight in Manila, Philippines.

The New York Road Runners kicked off the Marathon Opening Day celebration announcing the official results of the most awaited, nerve-wrecking lottery. On a live broadcast hosted by WNBC-TV’s Bruce Beck, well-wishers and lottery registrants crossed their fingers and toes hoping and wishing their names would be called and be part of one of the most prestigious marathons in the world — The ING New York Marathon.

Frankly, I almost sought for refund hours before the announcement since the probability is thin especially for first time registrants. Reading through twitter feeds, you’d notice the exchange of excitement, thrill and hype of those who got accepted and the disappointment of those who are better off registering next year – I, on the other hand, didn’t care less and settled for the thought of knowing “Once in my life, I tried and I aimed.” prayed before I slept and thanked God for allowing me have this passion for running albeit I haven’t been competitive nor haven’t been training as much as my running friends who are all leveling up to triathlons.


The 2011 NYC Marathon will takes place Sunday, November 6, and will have more than 40,000 runners

Morning after, facebook status messages were flooded by the results. A fellow runner pointed me on visiting ING NY Marathon website to check if I’m one of the very few lucky ones who got accepted.

That image box was beyond compelling–what was so hard about typing in your name?– It took a lot of convincing and self-talk before I typed in, pressed that orange box on the image. I had to look away and took a deep breath before I glanced back on the result…

Judgement Day

My heart skipped a beat. The last time I felt too overwhelmed, grateful and all the mixed emotions was sometime back in 2007 when I received the letter from Aman Resorts asking me to fly to Jackson Hole, Wyoming and work for the TOP 1 Best Resort in the World – Amangani  (I missed Graduation Day) and the day I purchased my flight to New York just in time to celebrate my 23rd Birthday.

My hands were shaking, my cheeks were a little numb and tears of joy fell. Next thing I know, I was celebrating with my friends via private message on facebook, embraced my pillow and caught myself crying to my Mom over the phone after telling her the news.

My Dad must’ve thought I was possessed by some evil spirit. I was jumping for joy, doing my traditional butt dance while screaming ” I GOT IN! I GOT IN! I GOT IN! NEW YORK! ”

Hours after I realized the finances I’d have to pull and all the paperwork I need to accomplish. Here’s to renewing my passport on June, pour blood and sweat to projects and hopefully get to save as much money to finance my trip.

All these things happen for a reason and just like all the obstacles I went through in preparation for the Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore – I’ll give my all and offer everything for a cause. I’ll remain true to everything that I do, grateful for all the blessings and work in good faith.

See You, Soon!

Are you going to run the marathon, too? Do you live in New York? Let’s meet up!


9 thoughts on “ING New York City Marathon : DON’T STOP Believing

  1. Cecille Gonzales says:

    im looking to run for charity or if i could find a Filipino group – since i didnt sign up for lottery. if not ill prob run for a non profit group next year. or do the nine races with NYRR. yeah if youve got time – just msg me up. Im just in the City! 🙂

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