Get those Zigs On!

Reebok will be preparing Singapore for a sweet challenge to motivate women more through Shape Run’11  , but Team Reebok Running Philippines on the other hand is committing to let everyone stay fit, keep fit and reach their goals through the zigs and active lifestyle.

Most went out of the city for the beach, visited their respective provinces or took the Holy Week as a time off from the routinely hustle and bustle of the city, Runners and Triathletes (especially those who are gunning for SubIT) took advantage of the office-free week for longer runs in the morning or during the afternoon, swam few laps or rode their bikes for hills, beginners started to increase their mileage and regulars went out for cross training meanwhile Team Reebok is preparing something awesome for everyone.

COMMIT: Stay fit, Keep fit and Reach that Goal through the zigs and YOUR active lifestyle. Are you ready for this?

Gotta get those zigs on and join us!

Details soon.


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