Week 3: Learning Myself Better

My favorite running distance is 21km: You train and prepare for it, You’ve got the first 5km to warm-up, the succeeding stretch to do a Galloway method or be within zone 2 of your heart rate then the last 5km to cool down but during National Geographic’s pikermi, my favorite distance didn’t turn out to be much my favorite.

By the 12 or 15th kilometer mark I was already starting to feel my legs tightening and not wanting to run any farther. I figured, I just ran a pikermi last sunday, 5km night before instead of resting, 3 hours of sleep; the distance training all throughout the week wasn’t sufficient, the red letter day came in just right after the run, too!
I had to down my frustration with an iced cold ice cream float at mcdonalds (my first time ever in my entire 26 years of existence) and ranted over twitter.
Grateful having ultramarathoner friends, they told me not to feel upset or disappointed by my performance, they told me stories about their transition in preparation to 100 milers. They explained that it’s my body undergoing the adjustment period from the accumulated distance.
Onto the brighter side of things, I’m glad I survived the distance confident without an ipod, I was able to talk to few friends on the road while conquering the distance, ran with the boyfriend side by side and finished even a kilometer less. We even finished with a better time than last sunday’s 3:30 to 2:48
Looking through the photos, I’m glad that there’s improvement towards my goal. My love handles is slowly shredding, the arms is defining, my face isn’t as round as it was except that my gut remains stubborn protruding which brings me back to being concerned about my hormonal imbalance (reason why I turned vegetarian) and fixing my Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS)
I had to review what I researched about PCOS and check on remedies. I’d have to cut down on sweets or possibly get rid of the sweet tooth, and have myself medicated again.
Meanwhile here’s my work-out plan for the week.
Date Duration: 10 April -17 April
Sun Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri Sat Sun
21k Rest TRX 3km / XT 5km/XT 10km/ XT 5k 10
Cross trainings will include videos from Tone it up,  few TRX moves and Jillian Michael’s 30 days Shred and Jillian Michael’s Ripped in 30. Let’s mark the calendar and get better!
Tip learned from Toby Claudio of RUNNR :
Engage your core when you’re running. How will you know if you engaged your core? You must feel a slight pain from your abdomen after your run.
Don’t forget to be conscious of your running form and land mid-foot! Happy Training!

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