I aim to Inspire

2 and a half years.

The battle of losing the undesirable weight due to the induced steroids because of allergies. 70 lbs to burn, sizes to shred and an endurance to work on. Looking back at the the journey albeit there were lapses and tons of challenges, I am proud to say I’ve gone a long way – it changed my perception towards life in general and the journey still continuously mold me.

45 lbs lesser than 180. 2 marathons, countless surf trips, certifications and job employers after – I am still on the road towards improvement: performance, endurance and personal records.

I am one of those at guilt who used to sabotage themselves because of not being mindful in the moment. Along the way, I’ve learned to let daily actions be governed by your goals & dreams asking every decision if it gets closer to each goals or farther away. Preparing everyday, taking each day as an opportunity to enhance and improve; If the answer is closer, without any hesitation I’d pull the trigger. If it’s farther away, I try to look through options and make a different choice.

Although I believe that as much as being conscious on making a choice is a critical step in making your dreams a reality, its still according to God’s will.

I’m no speedy gonzales nor another one of those elites. My experience in running doesn’t make me any greater than newbies but because I live with passion, I believe you’ll be blessed and lead to what is rightfully yours.

In every commitment there comes a great responsibility. It’s not a task but rather it’s another step to the challenge. In 6-months, I aim to improve and shred what’s remaining. Being a brand Ambassador, I want to inspire and aspire people to live a healthy lifestyle – whether in going vegetarian,  running, swimming, yoga or whichever activity of their choice. It’s being mindful of your health and not let fear overrule potential.

As a team player and an individual, I aim to show an example that success can never be achieved if its not because of the camaraderie and the support you get from everyone. Once you’ve found that team who’s going to be there for you in both good times and bad – never take them for granted or be selfish.

team reebok

Running shouldn’t be a lonely sport especially when you’re with Team Reebok.



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