Shoots and Camaraderie

These past few weeks has been eventful and filled with learning curves. The Runaholic is trying to catch up on the days she hasn’t been running as much as she used to due to all the work load, leg work and getting sick but God has been very motivating, his continuous blessings never fail to surprise.

Somehow with the amount of passion one has can equate to great heights of blessings. I am grateful meeting amazing friends who share the same love and interest in running albeit they have gone more than the distance I’ve conquered and stronger than I am currently in disposition of, the interest is something that fuels each and every one of us. There’s something about the running community that I can’t possibly stop thanking for – the camaraderie, concern, instant friendship and laughter even in between cramps and injuries – the life support on the road.

Last week, I, together with 5 other runners met up at the University of the Philippines for an early morning photoshoot. I never really thought I’d be able to commute to far UP early in the morning with gusto and got there on time.

For now this is all I can disclose.

We would like to thank Jar Concengco, international photographer who has done various cover shots for both international and local fashion magazines and shot some of Hollywood’s finest gave the runners shots of prestige and taste of VOGUE moments through his craft together with Make-Up artists Fay and Gigi of Center of Aesthetic Studies who naturally enhanced everyone’s beauty for the shoot.

It was a fun shoot! Can’t wait to disclose what we have in-store for you!


2 thoughts on “Shoots and Camaraderie

  1. maiamagic says:

    congrats kassuy being the running ambassador for —bllleeeeep—! show me the photos soon, ok. i’m sure they’re fab. later! ♥

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