RAT Race: The REAL run for a cause

RUNNING is the NEW Badminton. Much to my dismay to call it as such, though its great knowing people has engaged into fitness and health, organizing fun runs for beneficiaries has become the trend. Although it has always been nice to reach out and help foundations, every cent counts but with the high price range of races – how come these beneficiaries only get Php 5 to Php 50 only? Sure, there are a lot of factors to justify. organizing a race isn’t an easy task but with the demand of our spoiled runners been wanting more photos and loot bags than the essence of the run itself, perhaps that can be another reason why the prices has gone up and donations for the beneficiaries has only allocated a small percentage.

But not all races have to be that costly in order to give. Join us on 13 March 2011 to Run against (Human) Trafficking at Mckinley Hill, 50% of the race earnings will go straight to the beneficiary: Visayan Forum Foundation.

You may register on site as early as 5am. You may also score a free race kit by tagging 5 other friends register to any distances.

MTVEXIT will be there to cover the event. If organizations abroad are there to support, why can’t we?

If you have any other donations such as clothing or school supplies please do not hesitate to contact me by dropping a comment below or send me a twitter (@runaholickassy)  message.  Let’s see how we can arrange pick ups or deliveries.

See you on the road!


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