Athena: All Women’s Run

Sincere apologies boys, on 19 March 2011, the fun run which will be held at the Mall of Asia will strictly only for your ladies. No, You can’t even run together with them or pace them on any kilometer mark BUT this is the perfect time for you to raise those support banners and cheer them on as they reach the finish line.

Ladies, before you get bummed on the thought or sqee on glee. Here’s what’s in-store for you:

  • When you register, you instanty get that cute purple tote bag which includes a box of Athena, race kit and the well-in-detailed and thought of race singlet.
  • If you’re 16 years old and below, you must run accompanied by another lady. Perfect Mother-Daughter bonding.
  • Wear that official singlet and the race bib, register for a 5k or a 10k, you’ll be eligible to claim that special Finisher’s Bracelet. Yes, not medal, it’s a finisher’s bracelet which every lady can use high and proud everyday. What a way to tell the entire world that you’re a runner, too!
  • After the run, don’t forget to have that purple tote with you. there are tons of freebies awaiting for your to claim. The air-conditioned tent will have tons of give-away, booth after booth and a massage station for extra relaxation and nailaholics for the kikay you.

Women's health Singlet and Tote

We’ve yet to know if those bracelets will be handed by some macho man by the finish line but the fact that you’ll be receiving something unique and all these well-taken cared of and in-detailed race, you won’t be disappointed. Add the fact that Coach Rio will be taking good care of our route and safety? It’s one race you wouldn’t want to miss. Quality and Quantity meets.

Women's Health

Albeit I wanted to go for a 10k, I’m sticking to my goals: Let’s hit the 5k.  What about you?

For more information you may click on my previous post link or become a fan of While you’re at it, LIKE the Runaholic’s facebook page.


14 thoughts on “Athena: All Women’s Run

    • Just Kas | Runaholic says:

      Hi Clariss, it’s not for free 🙂 You may register for these distances:
      3k – P500
      5k – P600
      10k – P700.

      This includes your race bag, singlet and finisher’s bracelet for 5k and 10k finishers. After the race, all participants get free massages from The spa, nail services from Nail-a-holics, make over from Clinique. A lot of free items too inside the festival tent from Women’s Health partners =) Hope to see you there!

    • Just Kas | Runaholic says:

      Hi Vivian

      Glad to know you registered already. Did you register online? Can you check what is written on your receipt? its either through registered sites or it will be sent via carrier.

      if you registered through the site they should hand you the race kit already. Where did you register?

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