“TRX Sponsors You” Contest

SAN FRANCISCO, January 25, 2011 –TRX®, the creators of Suspension Training® bodyweight exercise, extended their national “GET WITH THE MOVEMENT” campaign with a new program to empower the “ACTIVEist” community. The “TRX Sponsors You” contest launched as a call to the fitness community to submit their fitness aspirations in a video posted on YouTube, with winning entries selected based on the most views their video receives.

Flipping the idea of “sponsorship” on its head to include regular people instead of pro athletes, the “TRX Sponsors You” contest will grant money and customized training to ten inspirational winners. These winners will receive $1,000 cash to be applied toward travel, gear, and training programs that will aide them in reaching their specific goals. Winners will also receive a TRX Pro Pack, a Flip Cam and a TRX training program personalized specifically for them and their fitness goal. Whether it is to run their first marathon, complete a triathlon, shave minutes off of their personal best, or to lead their team to a league championship, TRX will be behind winners the whole way to the finish line.

“Everyone is different. Everyone has their own unique challenges. We admire those that set big goals for themselves, step up to the plate and push themselves each and every day. I am honored to support them and look forward to watching them accomplish what they set out to do,” said Randy Hetrick, Founder and CEO of TRX. “Sure we have an impressive list of elite athletes that use TRX. But we also want to throw our support behind loyal community members and provide them with the tools to help them achieve their training goals.”

The GET WITH THE MOVEMENT campaign initially launched in 2010 as a challenge to men and women who are passionate about fitness to use less sedentary methods, such as recumbent bikes and motion-limited fitness equipment, and more about training the body the way that it actually moves. This movement is a call to action to get off the couch and make constant activity a part of their daily lives. It’s also a challenge to all fitness enthusiasts to free themselves from the monotony and repetitive nature of fitness machines and weave more functional training into their workouts. The “TRX Sponsors You” contest will allow people to train their body specifically for their goal, using the TRX to push their bodies to the next level and improve their physical ability.
Randy Hetrick is a former elite Navy SEAL squadron commander who developed the TRX® Suspension TrainerTM, using only salvaged parachute materials while on deployment. Hetrick parlayed this innovative concept and his personal approach to a goal-oriented lifestyle of activity, into one of the most successful and innovative new companies in the fitness industry. Now GET WITH THE MOVEMENT provides a platform for Hetrick and TRX to celebrate the legions of Americans who embrace this lifestyle, and challenge others to continuously push themselves toward a healthy lifestyle with goals and a dedication to always stay moving.

Suspension Training® combines the practical convenience of a “Gym in a Bag” with the efficacy of a truly elite exercise method, allowing fitness to go wherever you go. Offering more than 300 exercises to create the widest variety of training programs, the TRX can be packed into the size of a shoebox and weighs less than 2lbs, allowing for easy storage.

Detailed instructions on how to enter the contest and submit your video can be found at http://www.getwiththemovement.com

The complete line of TRX products, training programs, education and accessories can be purchased directly online at http://www.TRXtraining.com. For more information on TRX Suspension Training programming call the company at (888) 878-5348 or visit http://www.TRXtraining.com

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