3rd Anniversary Contest: Wake-up! The Motivation

I was asked to draft my runner’s profile hence it was a quick breeze run through memory lane that I had to dig through my archives for race recaps when I realized I should be celebrating my 3rd year anniversary on the blogosphere sharing my thoughts, posting through invites and logs — TODAY.

Someone once said that “the failure to plan, is planning to fail.” Which is true for every aspect of your life…even when you are trying to lose weight, fighting over self-battling issues, or wanting to beat each personal record you have previously achieved.

Since it is a new year ahead, I am giving away My Wake-up Call: Motivational Alarm Clock & Messages fit for your iphones, ipods and smartphones.

A unique suggestion for something that will help empower YOU toward your goals when you wake up in the morning. You see,  the first 15 minutes after you wake up are the most important time for setting your daily intention, yet we often spend that time hitting “snooze” on our alarm clock!

I used to record my own motivational wake-up call on my phone or reminders, and it did worked! It still works!

My Wake up Call” corrects this situation with motivational alarm clock messages that help you wake up positively, and get on the road to weight loss for life! The morning messages are downloadable to your iPhone, smart phone, iPod touch, available as CDs or included in the “My Wake Up Call” alarm clock product. 

I will be giving away free batch of messages of your choice sent by “My Wake Up Call”. Hear few messages HERE

My Wake Up Call” creator and former Broadway star Robin (Boudreau) Palmer has teamed with some impressive names to produce these messages across a variety of genres, including health and weight loss. Messages feature people like Oprah show guest, speaker and coach, Victoria Moran who shares weightloss success tips and Sharon Lechter, co-author of the “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” series. Additionally, “My Wake Up Call” has been featured in Shape, Self, Oxygen and was Maria Shriver’s choice to be put in celebrity gift bags at her Women’s Conference.

Because I aim to motivate people, that includes you. Here are the mechanics:


  • LIKE Runaholics on Facebook (2 pts)
  • ADD me on Facebook  (2 pts)
  • ADD 365 Philippines.com on Facebook  (1 pts)
  • and I will give you 5 additional points if you write a blog post which answers to this question: There are 365 days in a year and 7, 1007 islands in the country, if you were to motivate people to travel the Philippines – how will you? What will you do?”
  • Comment below once you’ve LIKED and ADDED all those links on Facebook or if you have posted your blog entry with your email address in order for me to contact you.

Deadline for entries is only until 29 January 2011


10 thoughts on “3rd Anniversary Contest: Wake-up! The Motivation

  1. czaroma says:

    hi kassy, the wake up call is interesting 🙂 I’m joining!

    liked Runaholics on facebook
    add 365 Philippines.com on Facebook
    sent friend request on Facebook


  2. Lora Emperador says:

    Hi Kassy! This is really interesting that’s why I joined.

    I just liked Runaholics, 365 Philippines.com and have sent my Friend request to you on Facebook 😉

    I’m a novice runner and I’m glad I stumbled upon your blog.

    God bless!

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